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Get Unstuck.

I use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) as the foundational technique for all my coaching to help you discover the connection between the neurological processes (neuro-), the language you use (linguistic), and your specific behavioral patterns learned through past experiences (programming) to uncover your biggest limited beliefs and SMASH them. 

It’s fancy talk for, “Your thoughts and words inform your actions, which give you the life you have!” When you work with me, you’ll navigate through your blindspots to discover your biggest breakthroughs. You'll achieve the specific goals in your life that you never had access to--whether they’re in your career, finances, or productivity--leaving you empowered to live the life you've always wanted!

It’s not that you were lazy, not smart enough, or unorganized, you just had a personal narrative of “why” you couldn’t hit targets or goals and felt stuck--which always lead to the feeling of failure. Together, in this immersive experience, we get you “unstuck to create maximum impact in those areas that are the most important to you.


Working With Your Breakthrough Coach

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Fill out this brief form so I can learn a bit more about you and make sure we are the right fit. Breakthrough coaching is not a one-size-fits-all service, and it's important we don't proceed until you're ready for serious change.


Weekly Meetings

We will meet weekly to dive into where you're at and where you want to go, take a look at the barriers that are preventing you from getting there, learn the tools that will lay the foundation for your breakthroughs, and keep you on track in pursuit of them.

Progress Review

There's rarely progress without accountability, so once we have determined what your personal goals are we will meet at regular intervals to review how far you've come, celebrate your wins, troubleshoot your obstacles, and discuss whether or not anything has changed.



A Proven, Step-By-Step Process
For Creating Breakthroughs

Identity Assessment

Discover the person you’ve created and get clear and excited about who you truly want to be, what you want to know, and what you want to create.

Create A Future Fulfilled

Take a look at what your goals are and develop the structures to fulfill on those goals with milestones and effective actions.

Declaring The Past Complete

We take a deep dive on the obstacles that have (and continue to) thwart you and create the gap between you and success.

Claim Your Breakthroughs

Get the formula to powerfully deal with your identity and blind spots in such a way that it moves your life forward with breakthrough results.

Client Testimonials

Trusted by hundreds of happy clients
It’s pretty amazing and what’s more, because I feel this transformation, I want this for everyone! There are so many coaches out there selling their services and aren’t what they claim to be, and after a few sessions with Nando, I discovered he KNEW what he was talking about and really cared about his client’s success!
Everything changed after coaching with Nando!

Through coaching, I began to love myself. I no longer send out the “desperate” energy I used to and I discovered that I no longer need to be filled from the outside.

Nando helped me discover that I AM THE ENERGY SOURCE!
I loved Nando’s enthusiasm for coaching because he’s so tuned in to the individual and creates an instant connection.

Nando coached me at a time when I had so much resistance in trying new things for my business and he offered me some crucial feedback that made the difference. He was gentle with his words, he loves to say, “consider this,” versus telling you what to do—and I got a huge pushing the right direction, so much that I surpassed my monthly goal I set up for my yoga studio! My sales went up that same week.
Not everyone qualifies for breakthrough coaching. See if you do!

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