Nando Rodriguez

I understand there’s a gap between the life you have and the life you deserve due to limiting beliefs. When you “buy into” a limiting belief, it controls how you operate. It's only when you disarm and disrupt them can you own your power to accelerate your success.

My promise is to help you discover, disrupt, and conquer these limiting beliefs, giving you the freedom to break through and transform your mindset, actions, and life!

Professional Coach Based In NYC

I'm a New York City Certified NLP success coach, helping transform the lives of my clients through fun and creative coaching sessions, in-person video coaching, and next-level online courses.

Nando Speaking Publicly

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

I facilitate breakthroughs. Whether it be in your personal life--searching for more meaning, direction and fulfilment, or your professional one--seeking specific methodology to drive growth and success, I have the tools and experience to cause effective change NOW.

Don't wait around for the life you want, there's never been a better time to get started. Create the breakthrough you deserve today!

Breakthrough Coaching

My clients are successful people looking live a life by design instead of by default. It’s showing up to author a distinguished life feeling empowered, free, and having peace of mind using transformative learning to create desired results both in their business and personal lives–over and over again.

Video Coaching

Are you an authority in your field but not sure how to create video content that engages your audience? Nando has more than a decade of experience shooting professional video content for social media, and will give you everything you need to get started building your online brand with video.


Learn the secret methods used by Nando and his clients to supercharge themselves and generate positive emotions, INSTANTLY. As humans, we all have days when we feel down and unmotivated, but we don't need to let that stop us from achieving our goals!


Who Is Nando?

Nando Rodriguez has been a highly recognized leader in branding for iconic global advertising and PR firms, as well as media agencies. After getting laid off and leaving the space, Nando found himself desperately looking to write the next chapter of his life. Feeling lost, defeated, and like a failure -- he spiraled into a deep depression, leading to overwhelm and hopelessness.

Having a personal narrative of being broken and unworthy, he took the first step into an 8-month personal transformational journey, resulting in massive breakthroughs via rigorous self-discovery and evaluation. He uncovered 12 distinctions that helped him go from depressed to unburdened, and it’s his belief that anyone with these 12 “limiting-belief-smashing” techniques will not only create their biggest breakthroughs, they’ll continuously create unlimited success in their lives! 

The Breakthrough Blog

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Sept 12, 2019
Fighting With My Husband
Three weeks ago I met up with a previous client who had given me the secret to life — “Drink a gallon of water a day and your life will change, trust me, it got rid of the baby fat in my face!”
Aug 19, 2019
Why Consider Group Coaching?
Along with working with me, (amirite?) it’s a fantastic place to build your goal-setting muscles and there’s an instant support group built-in ready to cheer you on.
July 1, 2019
Create Instant Happiness And Joy With A Focus Wheel
I’m Nando Rodriguez your breakthrough coach –today it’s all about your FOCUS…because if you don’t know …now you do!

"Don’t settle for living another day in the world of the ordinary
when you can create an extraordinary one!"

Client Testimonials

Trusted by hundreds of happy clients
It’s pretty amazing and what’s more, because I feel this transformation, I want this for everyone! There are so many coaches out there selling their services and aren’t what they claim to be, and after a few sessions with Nando, I discovered he KNEW what he was talking about and really cared about his client’s success!
Everything changed after coaching with Nando!

Through coaching, I began to love myself. I no longer send out the “desperate” energy I used to and I discovered that I no longer need to be filled from the outside.

Nando helped me discover that I AM THE ENERGY SOURCE!
I loved Nando’s enthusiasm for coaching because he’s so tuned in to the individual and creates an instant connection.

Nando coached me at a time when I had so much resistance in trying new things for my business and he offered me some crucial feedback that made the difference. He was gentle with his words, he loves to say, “consider this,” versus telling you what to do—and I got a huge pushing the right direction, so much that I surpassed my monthly goal I set up for my yoga studio! My sales went up that same week.


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