Can Owning a Pet Make You More Productive?

Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy! It requires a lot of time and energy,
many business iterations, serious networking, and dealing with imposter syndrome, among
many other things. On top of that, the threat of entrepreneurial burnout is real! The intentionally
designed, The Bold Boss Academy helps entrepreneurs succeed and deal with these
challenges. But for all you pet owners out there wondering, pets can make you more productive
too! Here are three reasons why.

Pets Combat Burnout.

Recent burnout research shows that 63% of entrepreneurs stated that they were experiencing
some kind of burnout in early 2022. This is more than one out of two people, and a serious
concern! Entrepreneurs who experience burnout are likely to have higher stress levels,
increased anxiety, energy loss, weight gain, less motivation, and less productivity. Ultimately,
burnout takes a toll on your mental and physical self.

It is well known that spending too much time on a task or project without any breaks not only
can cause productivity to drop, but also lead to long-term burnout. However, pets can help
combat these by requiring you to take breaks throughout the day. For example, you will have to
feed your pet, take them outside to go to the bathroom, and so on. In addition, if you are just
starting your entrepreneurial journey and are working out of your home, your pet will always be
there to keep you company throughout your workday.

Pets Support Mental Health.

Mental health is gaining more and more importance in the workplace. After all, many
entrepreneurs and employees experience a lot of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and
other mental health issues that affect productivity. In fact, a jaw-dropping 72% of entrepreneurs
noted that they suffer from mental health issues, according to a Minutes Magazine finding

On the other hand, pets in the workplace can significantly help with mental health issues. When
entrepreneurs or employees interact with pets throughout their day they tend to have lower
stress levels, are happier, more trustful, and more willing to communicate with others, among
other workplace pet benefits. When you can trust your coworkers and feel free to transparently
communicate with them, then you and your coworkers will be more productive. Lastly, if you
work from home and have a pet, you will less likely be inclined to experience loneliness, as pets
are loyal companions.

Pets Keep You Active.

In order to be productive at work, you need to have a strong work-life balance. This means that
you need to make time for work, but also your family, friends, pets, hobbies, exercise, and
interests. At the very least, your pet will help you remain active after a busy day of work. For
instance, most pets need to be walked for a minimum of an hour a day. Likewise, they require
many other forms of exercise like playing tug, running, hiking, swimming, or any other form of

These activities keep us and our pets healthy, but beware, our pets can get hurt. They too can
pull muscles, strain joints, break bones, etc. Protect your pet and wallet by looking into pet
insurance, as it will allow your furry-friend to get the medical attention they need in their day to
day life. Ask yourself, “is it a good idea to get pet insurance?” before it’s too late. It’s only fair we
keep them healthy, so they can live their best life when they do so much for us.
As rewarding and fun as it is being an entrepreneur, it isn’t always easy. But our pets can help
us be the best we can, and ultimately more productive.

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