3 Reasons Why An Entrepreneur Needs a Life Coach

You wanna start a new business? How about make money in that new business? How about becoming a successful entrepreneur? Don’t they all mean the same thing? Nope, not all at, and a life coach will help you differentiate those pathways and support you in creating a roadmap to achieve goals quicker. Not only will a good life coach help entrepreneurs create clarity inside of muddy business goals, they’ll also provide support with the 3 vital elements needed for success!

Create Accountability.

When I created the Bold Boss Academy I didn’t realize that one of the most important factors it provided was accountability. My clients started to see the common denominator they all had — they were the firsts in their family or inside their circle of friends brave enough to be female entrepreneurs. 

If they needed help planning a birthday party, making the best margarita, or even understand how to create an effective carpool, they had people in their lives to support them, but if they were stuck inside of “perfectionism” and were falling victim to self sabotaging (like the fear of posting about their business on instagram for brand awareness) they had zero entrepreneur friends they could rely on. 

And it’s okay — let your friends be “friends” and work with a business coach or breakthrough coach to support your business goals. A breakthrough coach will keep you accountable to ensure the goals you identified are being worked on. They’ll guide you when you get stuck and help keep the road to success uncomplicated. 

I’ve worked with so many women who at the start of their coaching journey first have to figure out that “simple is better.” Your coach will be that accountability partner who knows what you’re up to and also wants your success. Creating and maintaining accountability is vital when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur.

Help you see where the blocks are.

We all have blind spots and a coach will shine a light on them quicker because they can be objective and are rooting for your success from the start. The bucket of things that you don’t know about yourself is vast, trust me. Every human on the planet has things that are well hidden (yet in plain sight) that keeps them from getting results. A business coach is trained to recognize them and help you spot them for yourself so that you can make new choices in how you deal with life. 

Fear has us “do” or “not do” a lot of things and it blocks our results. I had a client named Suzy who was frightened to network and avoided it at all cost whether it was in person or online. 

After getting to the root of her resistance — she discovered it stemmed from an incident that occurred when she was eight years old. Because English was not her first language — when asked to repeat herself to a few classmates (who didn’t hear her response to a question they had asked her) and because she thought she said “something wrong” and thinking she must be using the wrong words, the idea of speaking again brought on a wave of anxiety that she wanted to avoid. And avoid she did — making sure she chose jobs where she didn’t have to interact with that many people…until now! 

Without a coach, she never would have made that discovery on her own, or maybe she would have but it might have been many more years of anxiety-ridden days trying to speak to new clients. After 3 sessions, Suzy signed up for an in-person networking event and raved about the fun she had and 3 client contacts she made. Get unblocked with a coach—it’s glorious!

Fast-track results.

Creating accountability and discovering your blocks gives you access to results. Working with a coach will fast-track those results because our job is to see what other shifts must occur for you to stay on track. Maybe it’s time to re-write the goals — make them BIGGER and sometimes…break them down further (chunk them down) to make them more achievable. Did I forget to mention, we also make it fun? I mean, why work with anyone who isn’t making things fun? Revealing blind spots and working on subconscious behaviors can be exhausting so you want to make sure you’re throwing in some laughs and lightness into the mix.

There are so many things to consider when becoming an entrepreneur, there’s a social media strategy, creating a course, having products that create passive income if that’s your route — you don’t want to leave out hiring a coach. A life coach will be your secret weapon to not only change your mindset and create goals, but be a source to achieve those goals so that the only thing on your mind is expansion, which is next-level! 

If you’re interested in The Bold Boss Academy (a 12-week online group coaching course for entrepreneur women to crush their imposter syndrome) fill out the application today!

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