Abundance Mantra for 2022

Don’t let the words Abundance Mantra freak you out in any way, in fact, when you embrace the idea, so many things will begin to open up for you with just that simple act — opening up. SO, imagine what can occur when you actually act on the abundance mantra.

What is a mantra? It can be defined as a word or sound repeated to aid in concentration or mediation. It’s also a statement or slogan repeated frequently to help achieve a desired state.

Abraham Hicks tells us that gratitude or appreciation gives us access to our desires and nothing demonstrates this best as this passage:

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, “More of this please. More of this please.”

So as you choose the area of abundance you want: finances, love, etc (and it can be all of them, why choose only one) know that you can appreciate things outside of your area in order to create the momentum desired. Let’s say you want to create abundance in your finances. Begin by appreciating the food you have in your kitchen fridge, or the puppy crossing the street as you make your way to the gym. That appreciation and’ or gratitude will carry over into your finances and produce results!

Some sample mantras:

Money comes to be with freedom and ease.

I am worthy of financial abundance.

I am grateful for all the money that is present in my life.

I am focused on achieving money happiness.

I am grateful for my ability to now manage my money well.

If you’re stressed about money — you might want to try this tapping exercise to loosen the grip.

And as a bonus — here’s a quick reminder you can save whenever you need it. CLICK HERE.

When you’re ready to take your abundance to the next level — let’s work together and as your breakthrough coach we will uncover where these money blocks originated and discover how to free yourself from them.

Here’s to an abundant 2022.

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