Productivity Affirmations For A Productive And Successful Day

If you're looking for positive affirmations for getting things done, this is the place! As an entrepreneur we sometimes can feel creatively blocked, burned out, or even insecure about what we should be doing on a daily basis to generate clients, leads, and money. Often times we end up being busy instead of being productive. It's not always easy to tell the difference.

What Thing?

In Gary Keller's The One Thing, he advises entrepreneurs to ditch the to-do list and instead adopt creating a success list -- and still, it's not that easy to discern what items to leave out. And in keeping with that winner mindset, I began listening to daily morning affirmations but I didn't find any that gave me access to productivity that really inspired me to take action. So I created one.

Get me coffee or an affirmation?

In my video version of affirmations for super productivity -- you get grounded in what's important to you! You can use these affirmations to stop procrastinating or the affirmations for completing tasks is also an option, in either case, they are powerful affirmations for work.

One thing is for sure -- they are Inspiring focus and attention affirmations that'll boost your confidence and get you ready for a successful day.

You can also use these affirmations for EFT Tapping for an added bonus to boost your productivity. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an effective way to calm your nervous system and activate your creative side! Give it a try.

Tapping into what?

And if you're curious about tapping and possibly entering the world of manifestation -- you'll want to sign up for my SUPERCHARGER course here!

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