What is a Wealth Subliminal Video and How to Use it to my Advantage?

The Subliminal Link

I first discovered subliminal videos on TikTok and quickly started using them to activate my manifesting capabilities. It’s a musical track which can be found on youtube or Spotify (two of the easiest places I’ve found) with an extra track embedded that only your subconscious can hear. Why would anyone want to listen to something like that? My question is, “Why wouldn’t they?”

Everything you hold to be true in life lives in your subconscious and that sucker is hard to penetrate at the conscious level -- so if you want to alter any limited beliefs like:

  • I don’t deserve success
  • I am not worthy of love
  • I’m a failure

You want to involve your subconscious since that’s where those beliefs are deeply stored -- no matter what mantras you repeat, or what courses you take -- if those deep rooted limited beliefs still ring true at your core -- nothing changes.

Subliminal tracks are created to tap into your subconscious and reprogram those limited beliefs. Simple, right? Well, you still have to actively do work at the conscious level, like turn on the audio track, play it on repeat and catch yourself as often as you can when a negative thought crosses your mind.

Here’s one I created specifically for entrepreneurs to manifest wealth + abundance with freedom and ease because we are constantly under pressure to produce. But what if creating cash didn’t have to be so taxing? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll want to listen to this 30 minute track on repeat a few times daily in the background while you work so you can truly benefit from two aspects of this track. Aspect one is the frequency that that track is recorded on -- which is 852 hz which awakens and helps in transformation. The other component to this track is the hidden affirmations I recorded and placed but are only audible to your subconscious. 

The Boost You Need

If you’re looking to boost your wealth + abundance manifestation then this is the track for you. 

Here’s the  link for Spotfiy.

Here’s the  link for Youtube.

From one entrepreneur to another -- enjoy!

Description on Youtube video:

Subliminal Affirmations for Wealth  and Abundance for Entrepreneurs 2021 | If you're an entrepreneur, like me, you're always on the hunt for things like: affirmations for entrepreneurs. Well, look no further, I created this audio track with just you in mind.

If you're not familiar with Subliminal Affirmations, they are tracks with subliminal messages inserted into the track. I've lowered the volume on the positive affirmations for success and money so that ONLY your subconscious can pick them up and it's set to 852 hz music  which has its benefits.

This "I am wealthy" subliminal was created for rock star entrepreneurs ready to attract and accelerate their abundance!

If you're wanting to access affirmations for success and prosperity then you're going to want to play this track in the background while you work or while you sleep. Listening to reprogram your subconscious mind will manifest money while you sleep!

Embedded affirmations for success and prosperity as well as success affirmations + wealth affirmations are what you'll find all over this track. In fact, here are the affirmations included on this subliminal track:

  • I am attracting $10K on a monthly basis now.
  • I am calling in all the clients that align to me now.
  • I am hanging an “open for business” sign around my energy to attract pay in full clients.
  • I have my desired results right now.
  • I absorb all these affirmations now.

Video by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

852 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies  Increase Intuition by Gaia Meditation

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