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Hey, I GET IT!

When you started your business, you were filled with hopes and dreams. Now, frankly, you’re either burned out, overwhelmed, or not making the type of revenue you thought you would. That's just imposter syndrome showing up and it's brought along it's friend, self-sabotage. What you need is to figure out how to get back on track, right?


That track is gone when you're experiencing imposter syndrome. What's available to you is a NEW opportunity to create yourself + your business in a more powerful way that includes, fun, freedom, and ease in a group coaching setting so you don't feel alone, you have instant support, and you're crushing all the self-doubt, money fears, and worthiness issues that hold you back.

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Join us for a 12-week online group coaching program created to have you powerfully deal with imposter syndrome + the self sabotaging behavior patterns that it manifests.


What’s included in the The Bold Boss Academey:

12 LIVE online group sessions with me to discover new techniques to conquer imposter syndrome

An accountability partner throughout the course to ensure your success

The framework, templates, and downloads needed to achieve goals faster inside this new methodology

Weekly check-in videos to answer questions and motivate you during your new entrepreneurial journey

A built-in group support environment of high performing entrepreneurs 

BONUS - never before offered:

Access to me for a private one-on-one sessions to ensure your success inside of the Bold Boss Academy! 


Uncontrollable Self-Doubt
Lack of Confidence
Feeling Unworthy
Deep Sense of Failure
Stuck in Overwhelm
Fearful of being on Social Media
Bothered by what other's think of you
Not finding/using your Voice
Scared of "doing it wrong"
Perfectionism Thinking
Never investing in yourself


Unstoppable Confidence
Discover your Value
Conquer Imposter Syndrome
Not Taking Things Personal
Show up Powerfully, anywhere!
Ditching the Self-Doubt
Find/Use your Voice
Stop People Pleasing
Powerfully saying NO
Charging your Worth

Bold Boss
Academy works!
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Brass tacks

When you’re done, you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

Imagine what how your business will thrive once you show up with that #BoldBossEnergy! Dive straight into video without overthinking it, showcase your services with confidence, and no longer stuck inside a scarcity mindset.

You’ll have all-new tools, the courage you forgot you had, and—perhaps most importantly—a support system in the form of a coach (ME!) and accountability partners who are just as excited about your success as you are.

That all sounds a little abstract, so let’s get down to the specifics. When you finish this twelve-week course, you will:


Get rid of internal success blocks and crush limited beliefs that interrupt your business flow + your #BoldBossEnergy


Ditch your current identity that's holding you back in order to increase your influence, performance, + profits


Develop a framework to use as your new road map to effectively communicate from a consistently empowered state!

What Shelle's saying after completing bold boss:

I had never had a coach or regular therapist so this was new to me. Unlike therapy, you don't come in and have someone listen to all the nice things you should do.

Nando is a coach, so he will push you to DO them. I've opened up a vulnerable part of myself in his program so that I can work on me.

Nando has shown me that you can show up in your life in an empowered way. I never knew HOW to do that before.

Shelle S., Immigration Attorney

What Meg's saying after completing bold boss:

I had a limited belief when it came to charging my worth. The confidence just wasn't there to raise my prices--but during week 3 of the Bold Boss Academy, I not only increased my own coaching rates, I landed new clients which basically paid for my Bold Boss Academy!

Meg L., Health + Wellness Coach

What Katie's saying after completing bold boss:

Throughout my career I had a fear of speaking up with people in authority like clients, supervisors, etc., but after only week 7 of Bold Boss I discovered that my opinions matter + my voice deserves to be heard.

I'll never be the same person I was before Bold Boss!

Katie M., Sr. Designer

What Vanessa's saying after completing bold boss:

After doing Nando's Bold Boss Academy I showed up more empowered around my staff and clients.

This 12-week experience had me examine my limited beliefs that were holding me back and I got to let them go so I could become a more powerful and happier entrepreneur.

Vanessa A., Immigration Attorney

Let's do this.

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Imagine how refreshing + exciting your life will be when you commit to crushing imposter syndrome and all the self-sabotaging patterns holding you back!