5 Signs You're a People Pleaser in Your Business

The People Pleaser Syndrome

Being a people pleaser and and entrepreneur will keep you broke. There...I said it. Why? Because a people pleaser is someone who puts other's needs before their own at the expense of their own well-being, financial status, or happiness. A people pleaser will bend over backwards and go out of their way to please someone to keep from rocking the boat, the fear of being disliked, or to keep the peace.

People pleasers often act the way they do because of their:

  • Insecurities
  • Lack fo worth
  • Low self-esteem

You want to involve your subconscious since that’s where those beliefs are deeply stored -- no matter what mantras you repeat, or what courses you take -- if those deep rooted limited beliefs still ring true at your core -- nothing changes. Someone who experiences people pleasing keeps the revolving door open to keep feeling:

  • Resentful (because they have to carry so much of the emotional weight/burden)
  • Heart broken (because no one loves them at the same level as they do)
  • Taken advantage of (because they are always taking on more and more and people take on less and less)

The 5 Signs to Look

If you're an entrepreneur and your business isn't on the track to expansion, growth, or profitability, you'll want to check for these 5 signs:

  1. You don't have standards rates or you're never enforcing them. You give too many discounts or coupon codes.
  2. You allow your clients to pay you late.
  3. You can't say "NO" to a client or find it hard to stand your ground.
  4. You have a fear of conflict.
  5. You are known far and wide as the "YES" person.

Here's the latest youtube video on the topic.

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