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When you started your business, you were filled with hopes and dreams. Now, frankly, you’re terrified. COVID-19 has changed EVERYTHING in a matter of weeks. And that means the revenue sources you relied on have dried up.
What you need is to figure out how to get back on track, right?


That track is gone. Your best bet is to find a new path to a new future, and then figure out the goals to get—and keep—you driving toward success.
The fastest way to get there? My Goal Setting Accelerator Bootcamp.

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Okay, so let’s talk about what this brand new road map will look like. You’re in uncharted waters—you’re off the beaten path. No one has ever done THE THING the way that you’re about to do THE THING.


What’s included in the Ultimate Goal Setting Accelerator Bootcamp:

4 LIVE online sessions with me to discover these new techniques

An accountability partner throughout the course to ensure your success

The framework, templates, and downloads needed to achieve goals faster inside this new methodology

Weekly check-in videos to answer questions and motivate you during your new goal setting journey

A built-in group support environment of high performing entrepreneurs 

BONUS - never before offered:

Access to me for a private one-on-one session to ensure your success inside of goal setting! 
Additional features

Plus MORE!

Kind of exciting, isn’t it? And, yes, nerve-wracking. That fear can paralyze you if you don’t harness it quickly and turn fear energy into productive energy. The way to do that is to start setting goals—stepping stones to keep you out of the muck of terror along the way. 

People with goals are TEN TIMES more successful than those without. I’m not the one who said that—Harvard did. I have seen the facts in action, though. Using my methods:

  • One client landed a new contract with a global food brand in just 2 weeks
  • Another increased his sales team and profits by 43%
  • Another entrepreneur booked a series of speaking engagements, which increased her brand awareness and landed her an article write-up for a global magazine, which then led to even more opportunities!
Hear me now? This Goal Setting Accelerator Bootcamp works!
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Brass tacks

When you’re done, you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

You can pivot your business HARD and start opening up revenue streams you never knew existed. You’ll have all-new tools, the courage you forgot you had, and—perhaps most importantly—a support system in the form of a coach (ME!) and accountability partners who are just as excited about your success as you are.

That all sounds a little abstract, so let’s get down to the specifics. When you finish this four-week course, you will:

Identify goals

Identify specific results you will achieve.

Determine objectives

Determine the objectives necessary to achieve those results.

Develop a framework

Develop a goals framework to use as your new road map

Does that sound like I got everything backward?

Absolutely not. You don’t leave your house without a destination in mind. You can’t use landmarks to get there, because you’re on a whole new road. And you can’t use someone else’s map because they have never been where you’re going.

We’ll work together to plot that map, and when you set out on your new adventure, you’ll have the confidence you need to lead your company to greatness again.

Let's do this.

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Register soon so you don’t miss out! The first session is April 18 and the first group will fill quickly. Commit now to four Saturdays to change your business…and your life.