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3 GROOMING Life Hacks for Men this Summer

Guys, we all know that when it comes to grooming tips, we are still ages behind the women but we've at least closed the gap a little. Women have had their beauty tips down to a science since the early days of Cleopatra. Men, only started about fifteen years ago. But it's okay -- we at least recognize the need to catch up.

Here are my 3 GROOMING hacks to get your life back on track this summer!

Grooming Hack #1: Men, if you don't have a moisturizing routine in your daily life -- you need to start. Being out in the world exposes you to elements that give wear and tear to your skin and it shows. It shows in meeting when you're sitting across from clients and it definitely shows in your photos on Tinder. (Wonder why you aren't getting that many swipe rights?) Did you know you do one thing every day that strips you face of moisture? Shaving! Depending on what you use to shave, shaving cream, soap, or body wash -- several of those products are helping in the drying out of your skin. The majority of men's products that foam or sud are drying out your skin and if you're not adding moisture to it immediately after -- you're aiding the aging process. That's how people guess how old you are -- your skin.Switch your shaving cream for hair conditioner and voila! Instant moisture. Not only will using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream add moisture to your skin instantly, it also helps prevents razor bumps and all that read blotchiness. Bonus tip - you can either use coconut oil as a pre-shave lotion or use it after your shave to add extra nourishment. Don't worry, it won't make your face oily. Trust me. Just dap on a little bit and boom!

Grooming Hack #2:Can you smell the sweet success of victory? You can't, well, that's because your gym bag is overpowering everything. Don't be "that guy" with the bad smelling gym bag! If you're going to the gym I want to congratulate you but if you're walking around town with a stank ass gym bag, those around you probably want to punch you. Quick fix -- stuff your bag with dryer sheets. Change them out weekly and you'll not only solve that smelly bag problem, people might stop running away from you on the train. Imagine that!

Grooming Hack #3:Kissable lips are only a brush away. Run your toothbrush (after you brush your teeth) over your lips a few times in order to exfoliate the dead skin cells and get them healthy smooth and ready to puckering. If you hit the beach or you're poolside this summer, your lips are drying up faster than Donald Trump's tears after each Saturday Night Live episode. Don't let dry, cracked lips keep you from getting your swag on this summer. Exfoliate them and get that mouth ready for action.

BONUS Grooming Hack:Burn, baby, Burn. Don't let a bad sun burn ruin your life. And we know it cause truly be a fun-snatcher. Gently place cooled off tea bags over the affected area and let relief sink in. The tannic acid in tea helps relieve the pain caused by sun burn so don't throw those tea bags away -- you might want to store them for a while because you'll never know when it'll be "tea time" this summer.If you have other grooming summer hacks -- leave them in the comment section below and let's discuss. I'd like to hear how you handle your summer.

Watch and share the video below--it's my video on summer life hacks "come to life".

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