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3 Summer Styles for your Pet Pup that Slay!

Leona is a picky when is comes to dog clothes. She's no ordinary fabric kind of gal and we don't blame her, we ourselves can be particular with the clothes we wear so Leona also being picky is something we understand. She and I have a few things in common, one is always running hot. It could be 50 degrees outside and we want the air conditioning on and a fan hitting our face so it's no wonder that when it comes to fabrics--we both like light soft breathable fabrics that are of course, stylish.

When we first got Leona we didn't know the world of dog fashion in fact we thought (GASP) Petco and Petsmart were the only options we had until we hung out with other New York pet owners. And there is nothing wrong with Petsmart or Petco but living in NYC and owning a pet (specially with Leona's busy social life) we wanted to make sure she was wearing clothes that represent who she is as a Diva pup. We discovered that dog fashion and style could be achieved and certain Manhattan dog clothes boutiques were going to help Leona keep her fashion pup status. We started getting Leona various tops and sweaters and I remember the first major purchase we made which was a fur green army jacket. It's actually my favorite piece of clothing she owns and it's a shame she can only wear it in winter, but she's accumulating other pieces that are certainly moving into my "favorite" pile.

When Elikko reached out and wanted to collaborate and sponsor some of Leona's clothes that she wear in her youtube videos, we was excited because it's not your ordinary dog clothes, what they have is 100% fashionable, stylish and looks so modern. We selected a few pieces we thought would look great on Leona and waited for the shipment to arrive. Once home, we knew Elikko would become a household name for us because the hoodies are soft and lush and the denim shirt is so fresh and trendy, which is exactly what Leona likes to wear.Check out some of the selections below.

Comfortable Dog Hoodie | Navy

Cozy Cotton Dog Hoodie | Matty

Denim Dog Shirt | Tia

Here's a video we did with Leona wearing the Matty, the cozy cotton dog hoodie by Elikko--it's a dog IQ test. It was fun, it was fast, and it was disappointing! LOL

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