3 Things Every Woman Should Do For Herself

There's nothing more powerful than a strong and capable woman who enjoys her own company.  Research from the Science Daily has shown that the pandemic has exacerbated feelings of isolation amongst people across the globe, and sometimes these feelings truly can't be helped. On the other hand, now is the perfect time to get used to hanging out with your own company and being your own person.

It takes time getting used to your own company, but once you get there you'll realize that the best friend you've always wanted is right under your nose. Below are three key tasks, both short- and long-term, that every woman should do for herself.

Say no

Saying no is hard for many of us, but women in particular are taught at an early age to be as accommodating as possible. Organizational consultant Gustavo Razzetti wrote a post entitled This Is Why Saying ‘No’ Defines Who You Are where he discusses how saying no — to people and experiences — actually reaffirms your sense of worth by making it clear to yourself and to others that there are things you won't stand for.

Of course, saying no doesn't always apply to huge situations; there are everyday instances where you need to say no, like when it comes to a Zoom call you're not in the mood for. Explaining your reasons in a kind way allows you to stand your ground and be firm in your own decision. This is a small habit that takes a lot of practice, but the payoffs are worth it.

Travel alone

Traveling by yourself is a liberating experience, a time to get to know new cultures while relaxing at the same time. Japan is the perfect example for a country you can visit on your own: the Japanese people are known to be polite, the cities safe, and the culture absolutely fantastic. Case in point, ExpatBets lists visiting a Japanese onsen as a definite must on your to-do list. These hot springs are known for their rejuvenating properties, and there are some like Hokkaido's Noboribetsu onsen that are situated right in the middle of beautiful natural scenery.

These kinds of experiences are wonderful when they're shared, but being by yourself unlocks a whole new level of understanding and self-peace that's typically hard to come by.

Pick up a new skill

When was the last time you picked up a new skill out of pure curiosity? Today's hustle culture can pressure us into being as productive as we can be and then some, but your life becomes richer when you develop your own interests. An article by Fox 5 New York points out that chefs are taking their skills online and opening up classes to teach amateur chefs how to prepare great meals while staying safe at home. If you've always considered yourself a foodie, now's the time to roll your sleeves up and try actually cooking a new dish!

The beautiful thing about picking up a new skill for yourself is that there's no fear of failure. You don't have to worry about whether your boss will judge your work, or whether it's something that your friends might want to do.

As Beyoncé herself said, "who run the world? Girls!" Our previous post on Dealing With Stress and Anxiety notes that learning how to get in touch with yourself is key to self-care. On that note, these three tasks above are important steps to take when it comes to learning how to be your own person.

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