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3 Things to Consider When You Hate Your Job

3 Things to Consider When You Hate Your Job

How many of you out there are contemplating leaving your job? The reasons...well, you have several and each one is justified, right? Consider that where ever you land, your next job, will create the same situation that you're currently in....there are some exceptions, but just consider it. Still excited about leaving?Instead of walking away from your job, especially if you don't have one to replace this one already -- connect with why you wanted the job in the first place. Depending on how long you've been there, things may have changed like your responsibilities, your boss, your department, and the idea of quitting your job (that you hate) is the only thing that wakes you up in the morning -- consider staying and be in "discovery" mode.This won't work for everyone - so it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, but deep inside you know if you're running away from something or going towards something better!

Hating your job isn't something you should take lightly. It's a real issue that many people face daily but it's also something that isn't permanent. Hating your job comes in various flavors like feeling like no one likes you at work, thinking no one cares about your ideas, or that you're not making a difference in the world.All these seem real and legit -- but are they real?You many need to consult with an outside friend or a past colleague to see if this is something you've dealt with in the past and is it just a repeat of a pattern you're stuck in. If you're still not "seeing" anything but you know there's something to discover -- consider a coach.

Being happy at work isn't an all or nothing situation -- you will have moments where you'll not like someone or a project you're delegated to work on but it shouldn't be the daily.In the video above I give you 3 things to consider before yo quit your job and it's pretty amazing advice. Let me know what you think after watching it and what you've discovered as a result of it.



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