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8 Signs That You Really Need a Life Coach Today

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is not a therapist -- and there is nothing wrong with therapy -- but a life coach is someone dedicated to you and your goals. They are someone compassionate enough to understand what you're going through but are also able to give you some tough love and kick you in the ass when you're not doing what you said you'd do. A life coach holds you accountable for the goals you set because they want to make sure you're getting the best out of life--your life.They help you set goals and make sure you keep them -- and if you're stuck -- a life coach helps you get unstuck...that, my friends, is a life coach. They are not a friend, because they don't have the time to listen to all the "stories" you're attached  to in life and aren't interested in hearing the unraveling saga between you and your mom's deep-rooted battle that started when you majored in poetry-writing in college. You have goals? A life coach will help you achieve them by mapping out a clear path by helping you connect the dots between your language, the actions you take, and the results you're committed to creating.

Still not sure if you need a life coach? Here are 8 signs you do.

1. You're stuck (lost, unhappy, comfortable, or scared):

I get it, you find yourself tweeting and posting the "best job ever" posts on Facebook because you don't want anyone to know the truth--which is you've been at that high stress job you hate for years and the thought of attending another work-related conference and listening to Susie, who's been the key-note speaker at every industry event since 1982, is giving you hives. You not only need to figure out what's keeping you chained to the desk, but what you're afraid of happening if you leave? Whether it's in your career, finances, or love life -- if being stuck is no longer an option -- it's a clear sign you need a life coach.

2. Your Relationship needs transforming:

I'm not talking about patching things up by advising you to try something new and kinky in the bedroom twice a week (like using whips and creamed butter). I'm referring to discovering what you should "let go of" in order to move a relationship forward and possibly what you need to "unlearn" to make it happen. In life, and especially when it comes to relationships--it's not what you need to do that will take your relationship to the next level, but what you need to stop doing--that'll get you there. And if you're reading this asking yourself, "What relationship?" then you might need a life coach.

3. You doubt yourself:

You've doubted yourself since Victoria turned you down for the High School Prom and went with her cousin Jimmy instead--that was a rough situation--but that was also years ago. Since then, you're frightened to date and a pattern has formed that keeps you from taking risks and living in a world of self-doubt and Netflix binges every Friday night. Suffering from FOMO and not being able to push past it is a sign you need a life coach to help you dust-off your decision-making machine and boost your confidence!

4. You have a vision, but no clear path:

You know what you want, you just don't know how to get there. It's like having a broken GPS and you're already late to the event--if the event was YOUR LIFE! A life coach will help you unravel the mysteries and help you gain clarity to give you a jumpstart. You'll  get so specific and in-tune with what you want that you'll no longer need roadmaps;  your intuition will steer the way!

5. You don't always follow through (your actions don't always support your goals/ideas):

You say you want to be a better parent and not loose your cool. You want a new job but you haven't started looking. You want to start dating but your Tinder profile isn't even up yet. You want to start selling your art out of your van but you're not sure if it's good enough. What's happening? NOTHING! And a life coach will help you get to the bottom of your resistance. You say you want those things, but do you really? Not following through is a major indicator that your needs and wants are not in alignment with your values. A life coach will totally help you map things out and get clear with the steps needed to breakthrough this hazardous pattern.

6. You need to make more money:

You have talent, you have what it takes to create your own business or get that promotion and start making BANK! So why aren't you doing it? If you knew you'd be doing it already, right? Not necessarily! It's not about understanding what needs to be done next, but instead, it's about discovering that the next step in the journey should be based on your ideas, thoughts, and wants. Making more money and breaking the bank require simple steps and formulas, but it's the barriers you've created around money that keep you in your current financial bracket. A life coach will uncover the reasons, considerations, and excuses, and help you take the first step towards the direction that makes sense for you.

7. You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone:

You want to take more risks but not if it means stepping outside your door or speaking up, right? WRONG! If nothing changes, nothing changes -- but it's okay, a life coach will be there to empower you!  They will check up on you and help measure your progress. Keep this in mind, If you're having trouble taking chances and stepping outside your comfort zone, it might not be the right risk for you. You might be playing too small of a game and we want to play a bigger game to get bigger results out of life! Let's get you playing a bigger game and discover what's at stake in order to win.

8. You've lost momentum:

You created a blueprint of all the necessary steps in order to obtain success. You're proud of the process and you were doing fine until you hit a roadblock and now, all the bulletproof coffee in the world can't get you energized and focused...and well, you've slowed down, you're almost at a standstill in your career, relationship, finances, or life goal of becoming the next BuzzFeed superstar. What now? There's a reason why roadblocks, obstacles, and setbacks exist, and we will explore issues of integrity, loss of power and leadership. When there's a breakdown in one of those specific areas, a life coach will help you examine what's going on to help you pick up speed and get you back on track.Ready to hire your life coach reach out to me and let's schedule a coffee chat via Zoom. I'd love to hear about your goals, your dreams and where you're headed and see if we groove enough to work together.Get a faster response by tweeting me.

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