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A Gay Best Friend is not a Fashion Accessory

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In the beauty and fashion industry, people are always looking for the latest trend, style or look. And in that world, who ever gets it, wins. But what happens when the latest trends are human?

The Gay Best Friend phenomenon has taken over. Everyone seems to have one, from reality stars to the fictional television characters we see on TV but do you have to be either to have one?

According to the popular UK website, Daily Mail UK, While Liz Hurley hid from the press as she battled to get back into post-baby shape, who was there to look after her, give her the encouragement she needed and help her put the spectre of Steve Bing's betrayal behind her? Her loyal GBF's Elton John and David Furnish. (I think Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock both need one--BAD!)

In the real world, having a Gay Best Friend (GBF) isn't such a new thing. My own mother had gay friends around but back then, women were called fag hags--a word that conjures up horrible images of old spinsters and witches--in my head. And today, things have changed--but a few twists have been thrown in. Now, because it's cool and chic to have a GBF, everybody wants one, and everybody should have a Gay Best Friend--but before you go off in search of one--if you don't already have one--ask yourself the following five questions.

1. Why do I want a Gay Best Friend?

2. What do I expect to gain from the friendship?

3. What misconceptions do I have about the gay culture?

4. What do I bring to the relationship?

5.How is my current boyfriend/husband/significant other going to react?

Having a GBF isn't going to solve all your life's problems, but it will add some fun to the mix. I'm mean, we are that amazing plus we're so creative when it comes to life issues--we've seen Knots Landing and Days of our Lives!

We're human; we get hungry, hurt and horny just like you, so treat us like the valuable person we are and not just this season's D&G clutch.

The amount of unconditional love and acceptance we give--when reciprocated--is endless. And once you figure out the answers to these questions above, you're ready to proceed to the next step, which is, "Where do I find the Gays?" Good Lord, we're everywhere! But you want to make sure you find one that fits into your life seamlessly and vise versa.

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