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Beauty Product Review: Smooth A+ Correcting Serum (GIVEAWAY)

Smooth A+ correcting serum

Extractions, exfoliation and facials are all part of my regimen and when I find a product(s) that delivers on its promise (and especially the ones that don't) I want to share it with you all.

So when the owner of Mission B contacted me asking if I’d like to sample and review (I received no compensation for this) one of the products on the website, I jumped at the chance and chose a product by Blissoma Solutions called Smooth A+ Correcting Serum because as of late, my skin has declared war and has been revealing red blotches in certain areas on my face and truthfully, it was throwing my selfie game off.

Smooth A+ has 13 whole herb extracts to provide pro-active protection to acneic and troubled skin. The serum is like a smoothie (DO NOT EAT) made of rose oil, carrots juice, and niacinamide targets blemishes and inflammation while balancing. It intensively regenerates skin using collagen synthesizing flavonoids and beta-carotene.I received the product and quickly put it to work. The label declared the serum was for oily, acne, irritated and discolored skin and because my Benedict Arnold-like skin checked off three of those boxes, I knew I had made the right choice.

Week one passed but I saw no difference. I still looked like I was auditioning to replace the Target logo. Week two consisted of me running to the mirror every morning yet it left me disappointed with a broken spirit. Now I know how Jennifer Lopez felt when she learned her boy toy Casper Smart was caught at a popular seedy gay establishment but he was only "asking for change for a $20.00."

At this point I contacted the owner of Mission B and in disappointment I told her I was following the directions on the box but I wasn't seeing any improvements; I wanted Mario Lopez skin! “Because the brand doesn't use harsh chemicals and relies on botanicals for its properties to work, it might take a little longer for results,” she explained. She rooted me on and so I kept using it but had lost a little hope.

By week three my red blotchy skin was a thing of the past. I noticed my skin was all one tone and it just looked healthier. I mean, it's not a miracle serum taking away ten years of face abuse (drinking little to no water, no SPF, and nothing to hydrate it) but it restored my tone and my face appeared super hydrated. My husband began using it (against my will as I’m a greedy little monkey when it comes to beauty products) and his skin type is oily and he began seeing results only after 2 weeks. His skin didn’t shine as much in the T-Zone.

I recommend this product as I saw results from it but because I saw results a little slower than my husband, I’d say stick with it if the changes aren’t happening over night or as immediately as I was explained--it’s driven by botanicals and not harsh chemicals. And for those of you wondering -- my selfie game is back on fleek!

THIS IS WHERE I GET TO BE OPRAH FOR A WEEK. One of my readers will get 1 bottle of Smooth A+  Correcting Serum for free by going over to Mission B's instagram and following them then posting and tagging us both (@nandoism + on a photo or video stating why you need Smooth A+ in your life

!Contest Rules:

  • Must have instagram account with over 300 followers
  • Must follow both @nandoism + on instagram
  • Must tag both accounts on a photo or video on instagram stating why you need Smooth A+ in your life.
  • Must come back and comment on this post once you have done the above
  • Contest starts: Monday April 11th and ends Sunday April 17th.
  • Winner announced Monday April 18th.

You can order your Smooth A+ serum visit Mission B here.

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