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Best Hair Products for Men: The 2016 Nando Edition


I'm often asked what the best hair products for men are and it truly depends on your hair type. I believe there is no "one size fits all" answer. I can't say, this will be the only hair product you need but I can help you how to choose the best hair product for your hair style--if you're hair is similar to mine: thick, naturally curly and virtually indestructible and you like to showcase it.


For me, the best men's hair wax is FX Molding Wax Pliable Hair Wax. (I do not get paid by them but I'm willing to be a hair spokesperson and you'll see why--so if anyone can hook me up) I have naturally curly hair and like the majority of people with curly hair -- I don't like it, which is why I get keratin treatments to help smooth it out, prevent frizz in the summer, but it also makes it easer to maintain. Depending on the length of hair, Keratin can cost anywhere from $150 - $350 per treatment and it lasts 3-4 months.After Keratin, I still use a round brush and blow out my hair straight. But I only do this once a week. The dirtier my hair gets, the better it styles. Ironic, right? FX Molding Wax (it's less than $5 on Amazon) is the men's hair product for thick hair because it magnifies your hair's thickness and you have a crown of luxurious glory on your head that says, "Watch out world, here comes a guy with style and on trend."

And no matter what type of hair you have, at least one of these products is bound to tame your mane and make it look fabulously sexy.


The wax itself is green and super pliable. After I blow dry my hair straight, I grab a dime size amount and spread it about my palm and then work it into my hair. (I usually just stick my hair straight up as high as I can get it)Once you have the desired hair height--I was raised in Texas, so the higher the better--you quickly blast it with some John Freida Moisture Erase Hairspray and wave your hairdryer over the sprayed area to lock in your style. (I also don't get paid by John Frieda, but I'm open!)

The reason I only use John Frieda hairspray in combination with hair wax is because it actually works in humid weather. What happens to curly hair that's been straightened out in humid conditions? It goes curly or kink--those are your options. John Frieda hairspray minimizes the effect.

A Giveaway

My private stash

Everyone loves a contest, especially when it involves free product! If you tweet me @Nandoism I will part with one of my containers in my stash -- that's how strongly I feel about using this product.

You see my stash on the right?

You thought I was kidding around, huh? T

he reason I stock up is because I've had my favorite product discontinued and it devastated me. It took my one full year to find this wax and I will not part with it so easily. That's why ordering on Amazon makes life simple.

Contest Rules: USA only. Runs from Nov 3 - Nov 6th, 2016. Tweet me why you want to test this out along with #WantNandoHair for your chance to win a container of FX Molding Wax Pliable Hair Wax. You have nothing to loose but great hair to gain.

Winner will be updated here and tweeted by Nov 8th.

Should I do a video tutorial on how I do my hair? Leave a comment and let's discuss.

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