Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program

The Why A Brand Ambassador Program:

Social Media by nature commands a social aspect to it, to bring people together who share common interests or goals -- and it’s also being used to impact the world negatively: to bully, to recruit people of hate, and to spread messages of despair.

The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program (BACEP) stands for love, joy, and community by recruiting agents of transformation. The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program will chosen its participants because of their ability to display: Integrity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability and who are open to letting it play out in their daily lives.

It’s the program’s goal to transform lives by inspiring people to take action (from seeing one the brand ambassador’s journey) knowing they too can accomplish their goals through the use of social media (INSTAGRAM) as an accountability tool.

Who are the Brand Ambassadors:

A Brand Ambassador is a person who's already influencing the lives of their followers by posting/creating/managing positive content in a way that empowers and inspires their tribe to take action. It’s through their unique vision that they  influence the world with freedom and ease and will bring that same spirit and spark to the brand ambassador coaching exchange program to further touch, move, and inspire their followers. To qualify as an influencer you must have a high engagement rate with your followers -- we are not interested in how many followers you have but rather the connection you have with them.

What is expected of the Brand Ambassadors:

The brand ambassador will use their personal social media channels (INSTAGRAM) to document their coaching journey as a member of the Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program with their followers. The way in which they do this is 100% up to the brand ambassador as to have alignment with their own brand yet also keeping in alignment with the mission of the program -- to inspire, empower, and motivate people into life-transforming ACTION!

The When:

The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program will have three rounds: Dec 2018, Jan 2019, and Feb 2019. Each Month influencers will apply to the program (only 10 will be selected) for a chance to be a brand ambassador for the NANDOISM brand. Those referred by a past B.A. will be considered first but anyone who meets the requirements will be considered.

FEB Video calls are on ZOOM:

Feb 2nd @ 11:30 - 12:30 pm (est)

Feb 9th @ 11:30 - 12:30 pm (est)

Feb 16th @ 11:30 - 12:30 pm (est)

Feb 23rd @ 11:30 - 12:30 pm (est)

How the Brand Ambassadors Coaching Exchange Program Works:

Participation of the Brand Ambassador is as listed below:

  • Declares & sets a goal they want to accomplish by the end of their coaching month (must be achievable and realistic to be completed in 30 days)
  • Present for video calls with all other Brand Ambassadors each week (4 video calls total)
  • Declares an action (during the call)  they will take each week to complete their goal
  • Report back each week if they took the action and what the result of the action was
  • Support other Brand Ambassadors

Check out our current Brand Ambassadors:

If you're interested please apply using the application below and someone from the BACEP will be in touch soon!


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