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Can New Facebook Technology Help Us Find Love Quicker?

Let's get one thing out of the way; I'm lazy. I'm lazy when it comes to writing, calling you back and even when scheduled to meet up. I'm kind of fun that way. And, I'm especially lazy when it comes to uploading photos onto Facebook--and the proof was this past Sunday night when I finally got around to uploading pics from my Austin, TX, SXSW 2011 trip; but, that's also when I was "wowed by Facebook."

Once I uploaded all 10 photos--which consisted of me and 4 other colleagues as VIP guests at the Thrillist/Durex USA party--Facebook rocked my world when it took me to a screen I wasn't familiar with: there photo-face recognition-category section in which all pics I uploaded were neatly sorted out by faces and ready for tagging.

My face was highlighted in "section one" and ready for me to tag myself. Below was "section two" filled with Amy's face, "section three" was Brian and so on. The old facebook made you go through each photo and individually tag your friends, now, all the Nando and Amy pics were separated BY FACE and I had to tag only once--and presto, Facebook took care of the dirty work; a lazy man's dream come true.

That's when I hatched my evil plan. If Facebook can give us their version of face recognition software--how much longer until the dating sites allow us to feed in a photo of Bradley Cooper and direct it to find men who match his looks? If I were single, I'd like to cut to the chase and only contact the Bradley's or the Mark Ruffalo's and John Leguizamo's. (For all the women reading this right now, lie to my face and tell my Bradley Cooper doesn't give you an erection!) But I digress. Although, I wonder how long before some clown starts feeding in photo mash-ups of men with Jake Gyllenhaal's lips, Robert Downey Jr.'s hair, and Homer Simpson eyes. You'd actually get Mike, the subway attendant at the Ave J station in Brooklyn--he's weird-looking like that--but hey, to each his own.

But keep in mind, just because you have physical chemistry doesn't mean anything will work out in the end. What if they, in return, feed in a photo of Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, or even Peggy Hill? And that brings us back to square one: dating isn't for the lazy--it's a lot of hard work, but doesn't the concept seem brilliant?

Would this type of dating technology ever work? Would you try it? Leave a comment and let's get Mexican in here!

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