Choose Bliss: Ways to Create a Positive and Happy Home

Happiness. We all strive to achieve it, (choose happiness) yet this elusive notion that has been the stuff of countless research papers and online tutorials always seems to require a unique approach from every individual. And while there are habits psychologists have linked with happiness that you should introduce into your daily life, the question of how to create a positive living environment and imbue your home with lifelong happiness still stands unanswered.You might think that happiness comes from within, and while that’s absolutely true, your surroundings can also have a profound influence on your emotional and psychological well-being, ultimately elevating or decreasing your stress levels, and dictating how happy you actually feel on a daily basis. Here is how you can combine the internal with the external in order to create a positive and happy home since we know happiness is a choice.

Your happiness starts at the front door

Developing a positive mindset is the first step towards perpetual happiness; however, that is oftentimes easier said than done, because changing your mindset means so much more than just thinking happy thoughts. When you walk up to your house after a long, difficult day at work, you might not be emotionally prepared to welcome and embrace whatever is on the other side of the door, be it a couple of kids dying for a hug, or your dog eager to receive the same.This is why working on distancing yourself emotionally from everything that doesn’t belong in your home – such as your work, or other people’s drama – is both imperative for realizing your goal, and difficult to achieve. So, instead of simply coming home, work overtime to empty your mind and soul of any negativity. Start by focusing on the little positive things around you, such as greenery or your kids’ toys scattered across the front lawn. Remind yourself where you’re going, forget where you’ve been, and allow a feeling of serenity and joy to wash over you as you reach for the door knob. This is how to be happy again!

Cleanliness boosts mental clarity

Once inside, the last thing you want to encounter is a messy, dirty, or cluttered space. Instead, if you want to preserve your renewed positivity, you want to walk into a clean, positive setting where everything is where it should be, and it smells great at the same time. Naturally, this is not something that’s easily achieved, and it requires you to have a routine in place.But routines are good, they are what defines organized and happy individuals. If you try to wing it every day, sooner or later something is going to slip through the cracks. And your positive vibe will soon follow suit. So the first thing you want to do is to keep your home decluttered on a regular basis.Next, stick to a regular cleaning schedule, making sure you vacuum and wipe down all surfaces at least once a week, preferably on a Sunday. Now just imagine coming home to a crystal-clear kitchen and a spotless bathroom. Priceless. Speaking of your bathroom, it will also play a vital role in creating a happier home.

Creating a rejuvenating bathroom oasis

For the sake of happiness and positivity in your home, focus on transforming your bathroom into a personal oasis both you and your family can enjoy equally. While you should strive to imbue every room in the house with such a vibe, the bathroom is the one place where intimacy and privacy cannot be in question.When you close the door behind you, you want to be able to wash away the troubles of the outside world, liberate your mind, and take a much-needed journey inward in order to find your happiness. So how do you go about creating such a serene setting?First, you want to create a focal point, which will be your bathtub. A spa-like treatment requires an aesthetic and functional bath, so consider capacious freestanding bathtubs for this purpose instead of trying to relax in an old, worn-out bathtub. That simply doesn’t work. Next, you want to clean your bathroom before starting the “ritual” and make sure you have all of your relaxation tools close at hand. You can use a bathtub caddy for this purpose.Put on your favorite tunes, dim the lights, set the water temperature and mix in some aromatic bath salts, and you’re all set!

A place where time slows down

We live in a fast-paced world, and our daily lives tend to be hectic at the very least. This is not only why we feel stressed out, but it’s also the reason why you feel as if though time is just passing you by. Your home needs to be a place where you can enjoy your free time, and simply slow down.While you can’t slow time down per se, you can control how you spend your time while at home, and choose to develop positive habits that will make the way you spend time feel more rewarding. So instead of allowing technology dictate your free time, opt to do the things that really set your mind at ease such as meditation, exercise, reading, listening to music, mindful cooking, etc.

Let your surroundings breathe life

Speaking of optimizing your surroundings for positivity, a happy home thrives when infused with life. And that means any kind of life, whether you’re sharing your living environment with a significant other, a couple of kids, a pet, or simply an array of colorful plants – the key is letting life permeate the household. This way, you will avoid feeling lonely, and you will be able to develop a caretaker mindset, which has proven to be beneficial for mental and physical health.Creating a positive and happy home can oftentimes seem like an arduous task when in reality, it only requires you to make some minor changes in your living environment, and your mindset. Adopt and implement these healthy solutions and you will have no problem paving the road to lifelong happiness in your home.

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