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Clearing Emotions with Life Coach Nando Rodriguez

As a life coach, I'm always looking to up my coaching game so last week, in an intensive NLP training, I learned how to clear the top 5 emotions we humans have built up (anger, sadness, fear, shame, and guilt). It was a powerful session. During the training, I had that cleared for me.

🤬☹️😟😨😓What does that mean exactly? 🧐

It means those top 5 emotions are now reset to zero. All the build up is gone. Past anger, past shame, etc. Gone. Vanished. That's a great thing as a life coach helping people create lives they love! 🤗I’m still able to feel sadness, anger, etc — but because it’s reset, I can quickly come and go from that emotion like a video game, oh, I’m at a new level. 👏🏽💥👍🏽Today I performed the Top 5 exercise (over Skype) for a client. It was amazing, not only because she was in Denver and I was in my Brooklyn office, but when it was over—she felt the same way I did after I did the exercise—free. 100% free from anger, sadness, fear, shame, and guilt. It vanished. Gone. Poof. No more.

She couldn’t stop smiling and she expressed herself in a way she never had before because she was now able to tap into new emotions that were being suppressed by the TOP 5. 👀That’s the power of this experience. 💥💥💥I’m performing it again on Saturday for another client. He requested it because he believes in the benefits and he wants a shift in his life because as he put it, “Nando, I wake up stressed and pissed at world.” He’s a top advisor in our educational field. Wouldn’t it be great for everyone in education be free from the top 5? 😱🙀😨The work I'm doing as a life coach is providing shifts in people’s lives and it’s making living out my purpose such a beautiful experience.🙋🏽‍♂️

How would clearing the build up of the Top 5 Emotions change your life?

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