Coaching Tips for Success: Integrity

One of the perks of being a part of The Brand Ambassador Coaching Exchange Program is they receive a weekly "check-in" from Coach Jimmy Allen who co-facilitates the program with me. In this week's check-in he refreshes the brand ambassadors to how life shows up for them when integrity is missing!

What's Integrity?

Integrity is doing what you said you were going to do. It's also doing it on time...and here's the kicker - it's also doing what is expected of you and doing what you know to do with out anyone telling you to do it.

No integrity equals no power in your word.

You have a loss of power with yourself and with others in your life when there is no integrity in place.  Want to create a whole world of it? Begin by taking out these words from your vocabulary:  Try, could, should, going to, I can’t, I like too ... these are some days words. These words do not give your brain access to the possibility of what can be possible. These words allow you to believe that you are doing something when in reality you are stuck and not moving.

Coaching Tip: By When?

It allows you to deceive others and yourself. By WHEN Dates? Most of you aren’t sharing your by when dates? I will start my new instagram account -- by when? I will complete by business plan -- by when? There is a lack of integrity and the fear of failure present when you don't assign a "by when date" to the things you are creating.

When we start to honor our "by when dates" and fulfill on them, we gain power. We begin to see and know ourselves as “I am making this happen at this time because I said so.” Now that’s power.  Every successful company has dead lines aka "by when dates."  It’s either do or do not.

How are you and your integrity? Do you need a reset?

You can get more info on Coach Jimmy and his mission to help people create Crazy JUICY LOVE. Follow him on instagram for all that fun juicy goodness!

Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

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