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Common Problem With Focus and Productivity

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Focus is one of the burning issues that many people are interested in – how to keep it and how to use it to your advantage. Lack of focus can lead to stress, which can have catastrophic results. Not only on our professional life, but on our mental health as well.

Why is focus important?

Focus is the most important thing and the foundation of producing the best performance you can. How many times were you really in the mood to work but simply had too many distractions around you that did not let you finish what you started? There were probably times when you simply didn’t feel like working and thus your performance was very poor. Focus is what keeps your performance going, and it’s crucial in many aspects of life – business, friendships, relationships.

Why can’t we focus?

Apart from the many distractions we are being served nowadays, such as social networks that we tend to check every five minutes, one of the most common reasons we cannot focus are the many tasks we are expected to do during the day. Then we start one thing, jump to the next one without finishing it properly, then we move onto the third one, and so on. We leave not only our previous tasks half-way finished, but our focus tends to become lost quite easily. According to Forbes magazine, we were able to spend only 12 seconds on a certain task without becoming distracted in 2008. Now if you think that this was 10 years ago, when some of the most important social networks were not even invented, this time limit is even shorter now.

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What can we do?

We should try everything that is in our power to discipline our focus and maintain it for as long as we can. One of the most popular ways in which people tackle this issue is by introducing magnesium supplements to their diet, which not only have health benefits, but can enhance focus as well. This option is probably one of the most painless ones. Taking the supplements with your lunch or later really isn’t hard work and it yields noticeable results. If you, on the other hand, know that your phone or TV are the reasons for the lack of focus, try implementing the „Amish hour“. Turn off any gadgets that you’re not supposed to be using while working. By doing this, your brain will mostly be focused on the actual thing you’re doing, and the performance will certainly be better. Also, don't forget to involve some physical activity in your daily routine. Finally, learn how to say “no” – it’s a strong word and it can benefit you greatly.

How does stress play a role?

If you thought that the lack of focus is the main villain in this episode, think again. In our story lack of focus would be the bad guy. And he would be working for an even worse one - stress. It is very difficult to deal with the fast pace of life that we’re experiencing, and this is one of the main reasons why many become stressed. Perhaps you tried one of the many DIY ways to deal with lack of concentration, but the fact that you cannot focus and thus meet the deadline can quite easily lead to stress. This is not only bad for your current situation and the projects you are supposed to finish. Stress can have bad effects on your overall health.

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How to deal with stress?

Even though this seems minor and unimportant, there are certain small practices that can help you deal with stress. Breathing exercises can really help you keep yourself together. We often take breathing for granted and rarely focus on the way we breathe, which is quite important. Learning how to breathe properly and simply breathing deeply for 5 minutes a day can really be helpful, and is quite advisable. Moreover, you can try meditation and yoga, which are very popular ways of learning self-discipline and self-improvement. All three ways can help you take the stress away. Also, listen to relaxing music and simply shutting yourself off from this world for a couple of minutes a day.It’s our job to do whatever it takes to improve our productivity. This is the thing that will make our future brighter and better. Use everything you can to make a better human being out of yourself. A more productive one. And definitely one that can finish whatever they start. Good luck!

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