Create Instant Happiness and Joy with a Focus Wheel

I’m Nando Rodriguez your breakthrough coach --today it’s all about your FOCUS...because if you don’t know you do!

I’m going to give you the accelerate to boost that goodness you’re looking for and deserve, whether it’s financial abundance, love, the right kind of job, friendships that last -- it’s all available to you -- and it resides inside of your focus.

Consider your mind is like a merry go round -- and your thoughts are the speed or momentum that  spin it around. Let’s say you’re having money troubles and you might think thoughts like: “I don’t have enough money. I don’t make enough. I’m always short each month and lately everything involving my finances is a struggle. I don’t even like to look at my bank account -- why should I? There’s nothing there.”

Let’s say your current relationship isn’t as fruitful as you’d like it to be so you think thoughts like: “Where is my Prince Charming? How come I’m only approach by Prince Douchebag? All my relationships fail or they cheat on me. Why even bother, I’ll take myself off the stupid dating apps and take a break since I’m so over the drama!”

These are the things you say to yourself, they might even be things you post on social media, or the conversations you have with friends or family...or the kind bus driver who really wants to tell you to shut up but has been saved and Jesus is at the wheel. 

The point is - your thoughts are being released and they’re providing the momentum at which they APPEAR in your life. 

And because your merry-go-round is spinning so fast -- at a rate (depending how many negative thoughts and how fast you’re throwing them out into the universe)) it’s creating more “negative proof” in your life about “the thing” you’re complaining about because that’s what you’re thinking. 

And here’s the kicker -- maybe you sleep on it or you walked away from the negativelty for five minutes and you hop on instagram and read one inspirational quote and think...okay, today I am going to have a good day but guess what-- your merry go round is already spinning so fast on the NEGATIVE TRACK -- that when you try to jump on with your ONE good thought--guess what's going to happen? You’re getting kicked out. You’re not getting access to the merry-go-round. So then what happens? You go back to the negative, which produces more negativity in your life and there you are standing all alone in the rain with a box full of negative evidence yelling at the cab driver who didn’t stop for you but instead splashed dirty city water all over your cute outfit! 

Since your energy is spent focusing on how bad things are -- the frequency you’re tuned in to is bad, wrong, struggle, bad, bad, bad, Gaga! that’s what you get more of.  

You realize...the thoughts you think today will manifest in you future and you’re caught in a hamster wheel of “Why are things so bad for me?” And that thought has an emotional charge that attracts MORE bad and then it has you say -- what? MORE BAD? (like a newly bounced check or an overdraft fee?) And then THAT thought has you think another negative thought---and that’s the hamster wheel you’re on. And then it manifests in your future (it has too--it’s the law of the universe).

Here’s how to stop the cycle of your bad relationships, heartbreaks, your financial woes, your health problems, --it might not fix your bad hair days -- but you got bigger things to worry about right now.

THE SOLUTION IS:  Think new thoughts with a focus wheel. And not just new positive thoughts, but a focus wheel is the accelerant to boost all the good things you deserve in life!

This is what it looks like -- it’s a circle with 12 sections.

In the middle -- you write down what you want to manifest (what you want to focus on)

I love the feeling of allowing my financial prosperity to flow to me easily.

That’s what YOU want to achieve -- (and you’re not there yet) so your mind is going to what to FIGHT that statement with proof -- like (yeah right, is that why you don’t even have $5 in your purse but you have a beautiful AMEX STATEMENT with a $14K balance?

That’s what the 12 sections are for -- in each one you place a statement that’s currently TRUE about the topic you’re focusing on.


A supporting/true statement would be: I love the feeling of crisp 100 bills!

I love the feeling of looking at my bank account and having over $3000 in there!

These are statements that are true -- so when you say the middle statement -- and you get kicked off the merry go round -- you have a supporting statement that will slow down the merry go round enough for you to hop on and go the opposite directions at such speed.

You will do this every morning for 30 days. Pull out your focus wheel and for 5 minutes read the middle statement (what you’re manifesting) and then the 12 supporting statements. When you’re done -- that’s round 1. Immediately start round 2. And you do this as many times as you can for 5 minutes.

Manifestation experts tell us that if you hold a thought for 17 seconds -- you supercharge it when it goes into the universe. And you know this already because you’ve been super charging your thoughts...just not in the way where they manifest what you want vs what you don’t want.

Do this with 3 friends -- share this post (and the video below) with them and keep yourselves accountable -- hey, did you do your focus wheel manifestation practice today? And start to see how things will start appearing in your life that will amaze you.

Let me know what your manifest and what your friends are creating in their lives. I can’t wait to hear all about it. And remember, I’m here to make your life sexier!

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