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Detox Water Tutorial: Lemon, Cucumber, Mint

There are many benefits to drinking detox water. One, you get to visit your bathroom a lot more and have time to over think things in life like: why am I drinking so much water? Once you have figured that out -- you can move onto the bigger questions in life like -- Do you beed bangs? or Did Bieber and Luis Fonsi really need to collaborate on Depacito? (I like the original version a lot better) And now you can come back to the detox water.Depending on the type of detox water you make -- the impact varies, there is flat belly detox water, clear your skin up detox water and even stop caring that your husband is cheating detox water--oh wait, that's vodka. And no, there is no anti anxiety detox water -- that comes in the form of Xanax but if you're seeking other methods of ailing your anxiety try reading my last post on 8 natural remedies for anxiety that actually work.   Today's detox water tutorial -- or if you wanna be fancy, you can call it Spa Water (but don't do that, we all know you shop at the Dollar Tree) is lemon, cucumber and mint. These three simple ingredients when combined will help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.Benefits of lemon, cucumber and mint detox water:

  • Weight loss
  • Flushes out toxins
  • clears your skin

I'm not a doctor or a health consultant--hell, I didn't even graduate college--so don't come at me with your lawyers if none of the above happens. Maybe you did it wrong? Did you ever think about that?

How to make Detox Water:

2 medium sized cucumbers

1 bunch of mint

2 medium sized lemons

Fill your water container with water set aside(I like a see-through container so I can see the ingredients floating in the water so every time I open the fridge I see them and feel like I'm doing something healthy--and then I eat a Snickers bar along with my detox water).



Peel and slice the cucumbers and throw them in your water container. Was that too violent for you? Okay, take each slice and say namaste to each one as you gently place them inside the water.Take the mint and begin to twist the leaves in order to snap the leaves apart. This twisting motion releases the oils in the mint and it penetrates your water and flavors it. (yeah, I said penetrate--nasty)

Now, instead of slicing the lemons, you're going to just squeeze the juice out of and add to the water. You can totally put lemon slices in your water but if you're making a rather large jug/container of detox water and you don't drink it all in one day -- the lemon rind will turn your water sour. It's up to you.And that's how you make detox water. There are several variations like watermelon, mint, and lemon, or strawberry, mint and lemon -- you can just experiment and have fun with it. Okay, maybe not have fun but I don't know you're life -- maybe this is all you have?

Here's the detox water video tutorial I made. (my husband did the voice over) -- Thanks again to Monica on Youtube for requesting the video --big shout out to you and your beautiful skin (that I hate).

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