Discovering Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping Therapy Technique to Feel Happy

I’m Nando, your breakthrough coach and today it’s all about EFT tapping because if you didn’t know, now you do!

Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping  is a therapy technique loosely based on the techniques of acupuncture or acupressure. It uses the same basic energy meridians in the body to eliminate  the blocks, obstacles and resistance you’re maintaining and storing in your body (by tapping on specific points). I’m a certified practitioner and have been practicing myself to deal with limited beliefs. 

This practice literally taps into your nervous system and rewires it as well as connecting to your belief system and all the limited beliefs you’re storing there. 

You can tap when you’re feeling anxious, worried, angry, hopeless, any negative emotion. You can tap in order to create as well, like abundance, wealth, love, harmony, and joy.

Let’s say you get into an argument with a colleague at work -- instead of lashing out or poisoning their afternoon latte, go find a quiet space and do a round of tapping. If you and your mom can’t see eye to eye on whether you should let your 5 year old child stay up late and binge watch Game of Thrones with you on HBO, go do a round of tapping to calm down and create peace of mind.

EFT tapping is a great way to center yourself and get back into a state of happiness, wholeness, and feeling amazing!

Here’s that two things you need to know:

The EFT tapping sequence is the methodic tapping on the ends of nine meridian points.

There are 12 major meridians that mirror each side of the body and correspond to an internal organ. However, EFT mainly focuses on these nine:

  • karate chop (KC): small intestine meridian
  • top of head (TH): governing vessel
  • eyebrow (EB): bladder meridian
  • side of the eye (SE): gallbladder meridian
  • under the eye (UE): stomach meridian
  • under the nose (UN): governing vessel
  • chin (Ch): central vessel
  • beginning of the collarbone (CB): kidney meridian
  • under the arm (UA): spleen meridian

It’s best to focus on one element at a time -- so if it’s depression, anxiety, fear, loss, lack of abundance -- get specific and do a few rounds specifically around THAT.

Don’t worry about doing it perfect -- just start. And follow along. 

At the beginning of your tapping session, rate your intensity level of that emotion (fear, hopeless, anger) on a scale from 0 to 10. Feel where on your body you sense it the most and just “be with it.” 

The Script: 

Create a script for yourself (that’s what you’re going to be tapping to), create a phrase that explains what you’re trying to address. It must focus on two main goals:

  • acknowledging the issues 
  • accepting yourself despite the problem

Try this: “Even though I have this [fear or problem], I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

You can change the phrasing so that it fits your problem. Remember to focus on how the problem makes you feel in order to relieve the distress/anxiety it causes. It’s better to address this situation by saying, “Even though I have a lot of anxiety and fear around my money and finances, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

What you will start to notice -- is immediately after doing this will start to get ideas, notions, thoughts that will inspire you to take action. Maybe save that $10 in your wallet, or update your LinkedIn, or reach out to someone and collaborate on a new project, or even click your dating profile back on again -- this is normal. Because you have changed the frequency and charge of your thoughts -- you are now allowing NEWNESS TO FLOW TO AND THROUGH YOU!

I request you do this 30 days in a row(share this video with at least 3 friends so you can do it together and keep each other accountable)  -- come back and rewatch the video and what you'll see is that you will feel less and less trapped inside whatever emotion you’ve been manifesting!

At the end of your tapping session, rate your intensity level on a scale from 0 to 10. Compare your results with your initial intensity level. If you haven’t reached 0, repeat this process until you do.

Let me know how this is working out for you (the video will give you a tutorial and actual tapping session) -- what results you’re getting..

And remember, I’m here to make your life sexier.

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