DIY: 2 Do It Yourself Project from The Dollar Store

The Dollar Store certainly has its limitations -- but guess what, German and I created two "Do It Yourself projects this past weekend for a dollar store challenge we saw on youtube and had an extraordinary time making them. Did I mention we paid less than $11 per project. (The budget was $10 but one of us went over! LOL)

We will admit, we didn't imagine going to the 99 cent store would be so hard if the goal was to go craft your own project. We're so used to just buying what we need and making it ourselves isn't even in our vocabulary. But we took the dollar store challenge in stride and got our thinking caps on and headed to The Dollar Tree in Brooklyn and kicked this challenge's butt!

I made a storage wall unit for odd trinkets and mainly our SD camera cards that we can never find when making videos in the studio. I was on my way to pay with a whole other set of items when I accidentally ran into these tiny containers and thought -- this is what I've been looking for! These dishes took my project to the next level. Now, we have 7 containers all organized onto one wall unit.

German ran into tiny chalkboards and create a multi chalkboard wall unit.  When we're in the studio making videos, we sometimes forget to charge the batteries, say a main point in the video, or just need to make a note for ourselves and we have been sticking notes to the wall with tape. Finding the chalkboards at the dollar store truly served as inspiration to German because he solved all our problems with one wall unit.Want to see all the action? Click below. (Did we mention is was all under $11 per project?)It's a challenge -- so in your opinion -- who won? Nando or German?

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