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Do I Need an NLP Life Coach?

Do I Need an NLP Life Coach?

Imagine you were just booked for the cover of Vogue magazine -- would you ask your mom or bff to do your make up or would you trust the top industry experts that Vogue hires to do the job? Now, unless your mom or bff are make up artists, you would want an expert prepping you and your mug for your big shoot, right? Now, let's say instead of getting the cover of Vogue, you have other goals in mind like starting your own business, climbing that ladder of success at work, creating a new relationship with love, switching careers, etc -- but you don't know where to start, would you go to your bff or mom for structure or advice on next steps? Probably not, just like in the Vogue scenario, you'd seek out the help of a professional, and in this case -- a profession NLP Life Coach.By now you might think I have bad relationships with moms and bffs, but that's not the case, love on them, cherish them, they are your cheerleaders, but unless they've created what you have in mind -- you are putting them in awkward situations because they don't have the experience or expertise to guide you. How do you know if you need a life coach? Here are 5 situations you might be in that holler, "I need a life coach!"

1.You have limited beliefs.

If I were to ask you what you're creating in your life and you respond with something that sounds like, "Nothing yet because I can't do anything, I've been a housewife all my life." That's a limited belief. Or if your response is, "I don't have what it takes to go out on my own - I need a stable paycheck." The second part of that statement might be true -- but the first part, TOTAL CRAP! A limited belief is tricky because to you, it seems real, and that's why you're living into that belief on a daily basis. Once we work on where that belief came from, we can work on destroying it forever in your language and in your mindset!

2. You're kind of negative.

If you see a situation you're in and can only see the bad parts -- you need a life coach. How you show up in life is what you bring to the table, at work, at home, and at play. So if you're stuck in a negative filter, not only does life not excite you, but you only hone in on the bad side of the coin -- you can't create anything new because there's so much stuff present that's distracting you. If you live your life in "blah mode" you might eventually slip into being one of those people who leave negative comments on cute kitten videos on youtube. You know the ones, "That kitten is ugly and deserved to fall from the ceiling fan, stupid cat!" Yeah, that kind. Hiring a life coach would give you access to new ways of being that would benefit you in life and allow you to build new friendships, goals, and a new ways of being that are in alignment with the fantabulous person you are! It's the negativity keeping your goals and vision from manifesting. What'cha think about that?

3. You're Stuck.

Just like mental quicksand - you're sinking lower and lower and there's no one around to throw you a hand, or is there? Hiring a life coach to help you get unstuck is a power move on your part because it means you already have a goal, a vision, a plan, but somewhere on the path -- you got stuck. That's all it means, that you need a hand to get that momentum going again or it might be on a deeper level and you're self sabotaging your greatness and don't even know it. What? Not you! Yeah, it happens. These are call blind spots. In coaching we work in that realm so as to illuminate your blind spots so we can eliminate them! Don't think you have any, oh, call me today -- I'll shine the light so bright, you'll have to wear shades the rest of the day!

4. You need help creating your vision.

A life coach will goal set with you but not run away after it's all on paper, not a good coach, anyway. We will create a plan of action to have you achieve these goals and if you work with me -- these goals won't be simple tiny goals -- nah, there are going to scare the bejesus out of you or else why do it? I will push you to your greatness and have no problem in doing so. My current clients are constantly on the edge of their seats because they are creating big things in their big lives! I don't want no scrubs! Creating your vision and setting achievable outcomes are first on the list when we link up for our first coaching call so it creates the blueprint by which I coach. If I can't provide clarity by providing clarity on what we will be doing -- it's all lost at that point. You have a vision, let's make it a reality.

5. You're already amazing!

Okay, so if you're already amazing, why would you need to hire a life Coach? Because don't you want to take your life to the next level? Why stop now? Do you know how to do that? If you have your own business or the dream job, what's next? I'm not coming from the context of "this isn't good enough" and you have to hustle more...because what you currently have is perfect, but, what I want you to ask yourself is, "Was this it?" When you created that dream, have you lived into it or have you lived into something "kind of" like it? See, we get comfortable with how life shows up for us (blind spot) and we loose sight of the original dream. Working 6 hours a week while cashing the checks! I want you to reconnect with the original dream. Didn't that mean cutting down on the hours you work so you could spend more time enjoying what you've accomplished and created? A life coach will help you seek and create that clarity lost and get you on a path of being present to your awesomeness but also getting you to connect to the things that matter in your life. Don't you deserve everything you want? Yeah, I thought so!I have nothing against therapy, but life coaching is not therapy -- I don't care what happened at the age of 5, I want to know what your goals are and let's create them, let's make them happen...and fast! I have several coaching options but the majority of my clients have selected my package of 20 coaching sessions to accomplish their goals. If any of the above scenarios describe where you are in your life -- let's talk, I know you want to. The 1st chat is FREE.

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