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Educational Apps and Online Platforms That Will Make Your Life Less Stressful

Owing to numerous technological advances and innovations, students around the world have access to diverse and comprehensive studying materials. Not only can this make their student life and exam periods much easier and less stressful, but it can also enable them to expand their knowledge and achieve academic success.From innovative studying techniques to comprehensive courses, educational apps and online platforms can accommodate to students’ learning styles and needs, enabling them to attain both personal and academic progress. Thus, if you’re looking for new information and studying resources, these apps and platforms will tech up your studying process.

Your new favourite apps


Brainscape is an educational app that can improve your knowledge retention and speed up your learning process through the use of flashcards. After several repetitions of different concepts, you can rate how well you’ve learnt the materials. Depending on your ratings, Brainscape will come up with the perfect time to give you a quiz test to check your progress. You can find user-generated flashcards and make your own contribution by creating and sharing your own content. While you can access various materials free of charge, different subscriptions will enable you to access unlimited premium content and provide you with additional options, such as bookmarking, card reversibility and browse mode.


By opting for GradeProof app, you’ll actually get your own personal editor. This app is perfect for writers among students and those who have a lot of writing assignments. GradeProof will improve your writing skills significantly by offering advice on improving your writing for each sentence. From specific suggestions on how to improve your writing style to identifications of specific grammatical issues and complex structures, this app will provide you with thorough information on every aspect of your assignments. You can download GradeProof for free, but an upgrade to GradeProof Premium for $10 per month will provide you with a more comprehensive writing guide.


For anyone who struggles with their foreign language courses, Duolingo comes to the rescue. Owing to this app, learning a second language has never been easier and more fun. Offering all-level courses in a range of different languages, Duolingo will provide you with useful lessons and information. In addition, it will also provide you with speaking and listening exercises, picture-based materials and even translations of real-world texts in target languages. On top of all of this, Duolingo is free of charge, offering access to students from around the globe.

Best educational platforms around the globe


Coursera is an educational platform that offers online courses in a variety of subjects in collaboration with the leading universities around the world. You can find a great number of courses free of charge or at an affordable price while only the final, official certificate might cost a bit more. Coursera has also introduced the “specialisations” option, enabling students to sign up for a course and gain an official certification from a certain university. This platform is perfect for students who want to expand their knowledge and attend a virtual course offered by some of the world’s leading universities.


Thinkswap is an online learning platform in the form of a resource library, offering students access to various study guides and notes designed by other students. Since this resource is meant for Australian students, it can help anyone who decides to study in the Land Down Under. You can easily exchange materials for free, offering your own guides and notes, or buy exchange credits. Thinkswap also offers comprehensive yet concise WACE notes written by students who’ve attained their own Western Australia Certificate of Education with high marks. WACE notes cover different fields, from information technology and computer science, finance and business to different languages, literature and visual arts. So, if you’re preparing for your WACE exams, you can relieve a lot of stress and learn from the students who’ve passed them with flying colours.


Udemy is another on the list of online platforms that will provide you with access to around 800 new courses added every month. Not only is subject matter provided by experts, but it’s also explained in a simple, direct way. From PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents to audio files and YouTube videos, materials are diverse yet systematically organised catering to students’ different learning styles. Although some courses may be on the expensive side, especially those in the sought-after fields, such as business or technology, you will be able to read other student’s reviews and determine whether a specific course is right for you before signing up.With these educational apps and online platforms, your studying process can be much easier and interesting, offering you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your academic performance.

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