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Eyeglasses Review: Sabine Be Eyeglasses Style: Be Swag

Sabine Be Eyeglasses Frames — These frames are made in France and the style is called “Be Swag

I have over 8 pairs of glasses. Some I use more than others, but I see my glasses as another piece of my wardrobe I have to coordinate with what I'm wearing. Sometimes the glasses are a direct reflection of my mood that day. That's why I have so many.

Here are the three main reason's the "Be Swag" style drew me in:

  1. The shape of these Sabine Be glasses: they have a vintage shape which means they won’t go out of style anytime soon. You can keep you swag longer!
  2. The bold yet subtle blend of the color scheme: you can get these in several colors combinations: Green/Blue, Red/Beige, and the best part is you can get the red on the top or the bottom of the frame: I decided on the Matte Veined Tortoise with Matte Red because they just called to me (they fit my personality), plus, they go with whatever I've got on. (casual or business, even business casual)
  3. The combination of "the look" of the frame: The frame size/shape plus the color is made for you to pop in a crowd. That means you standout no matter what! So you don’t have to learn a new skill or trade to be original now! (LOL) You can cancel your online degree program after all!

Some of the compliments from these Sabine Be's eyeglasses are: people just stare at me when I walk by. It’s creepy. (I like creepy) and no matter what pic I post on Facebook, (me bloated or me and all my chins — people always comment on the frames!

That’s some ROI in social media terms!

These frames are colorful, cheery, and all around fun. Their color palate is bold and unapologetic, just the way I like it.

These are by Sabine BeStyle: Be SwagPurchased in NYC: Studio OptixPrice: $425Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channelThanks for watching today's video! Please give it a "thumbs up" and a comment.Stay in touch:TwitterInstagramSnapchat

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