Fashion Fridays: Church Lady Chic

Name: LeaOccupation: Photographer

Identifying sign: Either an art show or a Sunday mass, Lea looks perfectly fashionable!

You’re likely to bump into her kind: Getting coffee in an art cafe Little Skips in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Favorite neighborhood: BushwickWhere she likes to shop for clothes: Lea prefers shopping Upstate New York when she visits her parents there. She goes to church stores and finds cheap awesome clothes that used to be worn by church ladies 30 years ago. She got her shoes in a store in Greenpoin (just around the corner from Enid's who can remember the name, gets a coffee at Little Skips from me ;-)

)Item she never leaves her house without: Either the red purse she's wearing on the picture or a kid-size blue back pack that says National Autobahn Society. As she's only 5 feet tall and needs everything to be a little smaller :-)

Fashion Friday Tip: Dear fashion junkies, I personally am going for the golden shoes! Paired with color tights, they make for a great combination to celebrate spring, hopefully coming soon to our beloved NYC!

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