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It doesn't take much these days to get a hard case of FOMO. Fear of missing out is a real thing several people are experiencing lately. So much so, that even the money exchange app, Venmo, is creating FOMO left and right. I mean, what's worse than seeing your friends Venmo one another cash for cool hang-out time together? Nothing, if FOMO has anything to say about it!

You're not alone! Experiencing FOMO only makes you think you are and it's a double-edged sword keeping you in silence and wearing the envy filter for days after you discover social media proof that everyone is hanging out and having fun without you.

As a life coach, my clients deal with this a lot and I'm here to help them discover what's at the end of their frustration, anger, envy, and FOMO is no different. Although I must admit, FOMO does have a quick fix, if you truly want to get to the bottom of it. It's not the event or the people that are gathering without you that creates the FOMO, it's the experience you believe you're being excluded from. It's a little deeper than not being invited to the movies or the Friday night Karaoke hang, but the idea that you're not really connected to these people as you were lead to believe, otherwise, why didn't they invite you, right? Sort of.


I create a video on FOMO that will give you the tools to kick FOMO in the butt and get on with your day and get back to your greatness! FOMO not only knocks you off your game -- it can create a sense of disconnect that send many into a spiral of depression and negativity. Watch the video and download your FOMO worksheet to get the full benefit and KICK FOMO in the butt!


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