Great Hair Products, Do they Really Exist?

Me, embracing the volume of my hair!

With so many companies claiming they create great hair products -- who can you trust? Because I've dealt with the "hair struggle" since I was 10 years old (experimented with perms, hair straighteners, and bleach by age 11) I personally found that the only way to truly tell if a product produces results (for your hair) is to try it yourself--and that's just the opportunity I was given by Formulate when they reached out and asked me to collaborate with them. In this blog post I will give you my true experience and reaction after using their product five far!

The Promise

When you land on Fomulate's home page they proudly claim: Shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you - that evolves with you. Formulated based on your hair and environment. Thank you technology.

This is the gospel truth. When speaking to the cheerful Caroline, who's on their content team, she walked me through the process and couldn't wait to have me fill out the survey that would inform the scientists or magic elves at Formulate how to create a shampoo and conditioning formula just for me! I quickly pulled out my phone and began answering the hair survey. When I was asked what zip code I'd be spending the next 30 days in (because they take the environment into account when creating your formula) I literally got goose bumps. I'm such a freak when it comes to hair products that I've always wondered why hair companies don't take into account your specific location and its specific weather when designing their products. Let's think about that one?

When I'm "doing my thing" in New York City and style my hair for events here or I'm just at home working with clients - I know what to expect but when I take those same products to Miami, any other vacation spot, or a conference for business, my hair end-results are never the same...and here Formulate is actually taking that into account. I was floored.

The What's So

Me and my straight hair.

The survey went on to ask if my hair was color treated, if it was naturally curly or straight, and with each question my heart rate pounded with joy, like that of a unicorn getting extra sparkles put in their tail braid -- all their questions made sense. Currently, on the market, hair products will take one or two concerns to heart and produce a curly shampoo for dark hair and that's where it stops, not Formulate, they go the extra mile...for you and your hair!

For some, this is not an issue -- my husband for example, his main concern is dandruff and not to have any. When he selects a product it's only has to promise him that flakes will not be a part of his future and he's sold! Me, because I have keratin, I'm letting the gray come out, and I struggle with the frizz -- it's not such an easy purchase for me so when I got my bottles of shampoo and conditioner -- I was ripping open the package with grace and ease, like a starving elephant unwrapping the last pack of peanuts! Listen, hair is important to me and as a Life Coach, I spend my time coaching clients over a video platform which means that working from home (for me) doesn't provide the same comforts that it does other people, my hair and I still have to "show up" at 100%.

The Shock!

Because the shampoo has no sulfate -- the suds are minimal and I'm used to that but what I didn't expect was for it to be such a cool experience, I'll explain. Washing my hair with their shampoo just felt "clean" as if I were just running water through it...I have no other way to say it. The shampoo was light and has no density to it. It was fabulous. The conditioner wasn't heavy (at least not my formula) and it allowed for easy styling (blowdrying) and manageability. Here's the magical part --ready for this? For the last 10 years I've been wearing my hair straight and I can get pretty funky with it -- and with Formulate, for the first time in a long while I've ditched the straightness (no pun intended) and I've embraced my curls and all the volume and fullness that comes along with it! What?

Hair volume so loud, the landlady asked me to keep it down!

My curls have been making so many appearances lately that people stop me on the street and ask me about my hair. All I can do is give credit to Formulate for allowing me to shine in such a natural way. I don't have to spend time blowdrying my hair straight anymore -- not only am I saving time, I'm looking good doing so!


So what's in it for you? Formulate and I want to give you the chance to also sample their products FOR FREE! Yes, here's your opportunity to also experience Formulate for yourself by creating your own unique formula that's been crafted solely for you, your hair, and the environment you'll be in. Simply sign up here today and it's your chance to win your own shampoo and conditioner set. You can thank me later! If you can't wait any longer and your just want to order your own and start your journey to great hair, click here.

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