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Hiring a Life Coach

Hiring a Life Coach

When you hire a life coach there are a few key things people look for: certification, experience, price, and the list goes on and on -- but one key element you should never overlook is how well you get along. Having chemistry with your life coach is instrumental to achieving the goals you create and set in your coaching experience. Why? When your coach pushes back, and they will, you will want to know they are standing for you and your outcomes.

A life coach is not your friend, a therapist, or someone who will "yes" you -- that is never the goal to coaching, at least not my coaching. We have fun, but we also keep our eye on the prize which is ensuring you are having the breakthroughs you need in order to replicate greatness over and over again -- that's called the physiology of excellence.

Why Hire a Life Coach?

Life coaches can help you create any goal (set in reality) but the client (you) must always want it more than the coach -- otherwise, what's the point in hiring a life coach? You coach will help you execute your outcomes by mapping out the actions you take on, paying attention to the results (or when you get stuck), sense when a pivot in behavior or thought process is needed, and helping you live a life full of integrity.

One of the first conversations I have with my clients is to get their evidence procedure, which is a fancy way of saying, "How will you know when you achieve XYZ goal?" If your goal is to get a new job -- how will you know when you get it? Is it when the verbal offer is made? Or when you accept? For some, it might be when they get their offer letter and sign it. And for a few, it's not until the 1st day at the new company. We all have different evidence procedures and it's vital that your coach know and understand yours for your coaching to be successful -- otherwise, you'll be chasing paper bags in the wind.

What a Life Coach Can Help With

Successful people hire life coaches because they want to be more successful or they want to keep their level of success. And those are the majority of my clients -- people who already have an idea but are just temporarily stuck on their next project, their book, or even looking to switch careers despite having found success in their current role. But other clients of mine fall into 3 other categories -- the video below explains what those are.

Now that you've seen the video -- do you fall into any of these categories?Are you ready to hire your life coach yet? If so click here.

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