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How to Get Happy Fast!

How to Get Happy Fast? Well, it’s the odd time of year when the weather messes with us, at least in New York. One day I’m wearing short shorts having sun beams fill my body with vitamin D and the next I’m getting snow pellets violently hoisted in my hair. In addition to Mother Nature being bipolar, everyday life stress tends to get the better of us. Why is that? There isn’t a stable sense of what’s happening lately—especially with the political climate that’s out there. We can’t get a true grasp of where we’re headed as a nation, much less you as a person.It can truly wear you down.

And guess what? It’s ok.

It doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you. You’re human and your feeling human things. But if this feeling is taking over too much space in your head and heart—then it’s time to take action. But what? No one but you knows. So you’re asking, “But how can I know what I need if I don’t know what I need?” Ah, a blind spot. Oh so you think!

Reconnect with what makes you happy. When was the last time you LOL’d or enjoyed an awesome conversation on the phone with a friend? Maybe staying on the couch with a good book is more your style—then again, cooking and experimenting in the kitchen always made you feel a little “Rachel Ray” even if it ended up with 2nd degree burns and rushing to Duane Reade to get burn spray. Tap into those things that absolutely make you straight up crazy “happy.”

You owe it to yourself. Get out of that funk and into your happiness. Write down 3 things you love doing that you can start this weekend and as you do each—cross it off. Studies show that checking off to-do list release endorphins that cause us to feel good about ourselves.Go ahead get high on life.

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