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If These Dogs Were On Tinder, This Is What Their Profile Pic Would Be

Accidental Shih Tzu

I believe some of the best things in life happen by accident. A happy encounter with a friend when strolling around the city, an unexpected feeling of thinness when you're getting dressed, and discovering you just took a photo of your dog in such a seductive way that you are 100% sure if they were online dating -- this would be their sexy Tinder profile pic!

The Dog's Honest Truth

I was going through my camera roll trying to figure out what pic to post on Instagram for a #ThrowBackThursday when I went way way back! My finger just kept scrolling and it landed on a set of photos I took of Leona several months ago, maybe even a year ago. She was being super playful and laid back and I remember her ear fell upward and it just looked so cute and I took of pic of the moment. Examining the pic now, I'm like, "Wait, why does this look like a online dating profile pic?" I knew I must not be the only one who had made such discovery of their pet pics. So I asked in two separate Facebook groups that I belong to (dedicated to pet owners) and asked if they too had similar thoughts of certain pics they had taken of their pets.

Tinder Profile Photos For Dogs!

This is my Leona. She's 3 years old and she's serving us real online Tinder Profile Pic realness. Boys, you better watch out because she's a hand full and doesn't live life on generic terms -- only the best of the best for this Shih Tzu! She likes long walks around the neighborhood, low calorie frozen dog treats, and she's a sucker for a mini tennis ball.

This is Chloe Pawdashian, but don't let her porno pose fool you -- she's 100% lady. Chloe is 10 months old--she's young, but know exactly what she wants in life. Give her a treat and a fresh water bowl and you'll have her eating out of your hand in no time!

Meet Max, he's 2 years old and ladies, be ware...those bedroom eyes will have you doing things you vowed you'd never do! There's no need to feel guilty, just realized, it's all in the name of fur love.

Dalis was excited to know she made it on the blog. She prides herself in eating modest and keeping fit, but when those pesky pounds sneak up on her -- she knows that taking a pic in the "skinny girl pose" will hide all sorts of sins. Dalis will be 5 this month and knows a thing or two about selifes, self-love, and searching for love.

Macey isn't your typical Shih Tzu gal -- she likes to rough it out with the boys. But only the ones who aren't intimidated to share a water bowl with her will win her heart! You can always find Macey hanging out with the guys and playing sports. You won' hear "Not too rough," coming out of her barks any time soon!

Piper is 2 years old and she's a fashionista in the making. When she's not busy modeling the latest trends around the town, she's playing and eating treats. Fellas, Piper won't be on the market for too long, so strike while the iron is hot!

Abby (Abagail) is 8 years old and although she's a little more mature in age, she still knows how to have a good time. If you reach out to Abby, just know that this is one Shih Tzu who knows what she wants and is looking for something real and fun. #NoShame

Tubbsa a 15.5 year old Lady, she likes the "over the shoulder look" as it makes her look younger ❤️ xxx. Fellas looking for an experienced gal that's not afraid to have fun yet knows what responsibility is about -- Tubbsa's got it going on!

Prince Chocolate Chip is 4 years old and ladies, watch out for because he's known as mister romance. Your hearts won't even know what happened when Prince is done with them! (Don't hate the player, hate the game!)

I'm a cool guy! 😎 My name is Toby and I'm 5 years old. If you like adventure and you're not restricted by a curfew, I'm your night in shinning paw-mor.

Here's Lou Lou -- she's a playful 5 year old who loves hair bows, fancy cars, and crunchy kibble. She's not your ordinary gal so only contact her if you can deliver on fun, romance, and non stale treats!

Baxter is only 1 years old but ladies, don't let his youth fool you -- he knows what he likes. Baxter is looking for a cougar who can teach him the ways of love. At this point in life, he's only into Pomeranians 5 years or older. No hard feelings ladies.

This is Holly Wood, age 3 and the name and pose say it all. She's a gal who's not restricted by what society feels is "lady like" and is only concerned with 2 thing sin life: 1) Is it free AND 2) Am I free? Holler at your girl but only if you can hang with Miss Holly Wood and her FREE lifestyle!

I'm Bentley, I'm only 8 weeks old but I'm single and ready to mingle.Be warned, there are a few ladies already in queue, so it might take a while for Bentley to get back at you -- but there's enough Bentley to go around -- you can be sure of that!

I'm Coco, 3 yr old single female, loves camping, hiking and chilling in creeks! And she's not afraid of a good time (in the water!)

Sophie Rose is 18 months old and already on doggie Tinder. She knows she's young, but Lolita isn't her favorite book for nothing!

Shay 1 yr and 3months old and he's often off pondering life's biggest questions like, is kibble really good for me, what if I chase the ball and then midway I don't feel like bringing it back? He's a serious fella, but don't let that keep you away! Serious replies only!

Izzy Huffman will be 3 on July 23rd❤️ she's a school cheerleader, captain of the bark club and was voted mostly likely to be groomed all year round. Guys, she may be a little high drama, but she's worth it!

Chip and I'm 9 months. I know all about seduction and chasing cars. Hit me up ladies!

This is Chico and he is 11 and loves to play with his toys, go for walks, and have ice cream. He's great on a date ladies!

Anastasia & I'm 7 years young. I love treats & playing fetch. I'm a little fashionista so fellas, you're dress game better be on if you plan on dating me.

Zoey, almost 3 loves bikes rides with mommy and staring out windows thinking about life. Zoey's selfies says it all, you better come correct!

Myles Ferguson - 4 years old. I'm shy but don't let that keep you away -- I'm very good with my paws!

Deacon Brodie - 10 years old.Some say I'm a happy fella and I always see the bright side of life. Call me if you're into chasing cats, staring out windows and eating naughty things off the floor!

Hi. .I am Rio. 2 years old. I love playing with neighbors children and going for rides with dad..sleeping is my favourite pastime 😍😍😍

What a bunch of pretty sexy pups. This is Shelby on left he is two. He loves the pool, car rides, walks, playing and making new friends. Muncie, on right is half brother, he is almost 5 months. Muncie loves to run, play, snuggle and talk. He is our Tazmanian Devil/Piranha. Ladies, who doesn't want to check off "brothers" off their bucket list?

This is Dunkin. He is 9 years old. He enjoys begging for food and long walks on the beach and occasionally poops in the house. It's all good in the hood!

I'm Bodhi a 1 year old single male, I love spending time starring out the window and contemplating where the squirrels go when they're not in the yard.

Special thanks to the iheartshihtzu group on Facebook for submitting their pups photos and making this blog possible!What about your pup? What would you pup's Tinder profile pic look like? Leave a comment and let's discuss!

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