Interview with Author L A Johannesson on her new book "e-loves me, e-loves me not"

eloves me eloves me not by L.A. Johannesson
eloves me eloves me not by L.A. Johannesson

As a blogger I get approached by several authors and their projects...and don't get me wrong, I feel privileged because they just don't reach out to any old Mexicans--they want someone with an audience, personality and nice hair, right? At least that's what my therapist keeps trying to convince with. In any case, when I received L.A. Johannesson's request for a collaboration, I was thrilled as I soon began to research her new book. e-loves me, e-loves me not because it was fun, sexy + authentic! 

As I read (from page one) I was hooked. The blind date described in the first paragraph was something I experienced and I'm sure several of you have experienced, except Kayte, our main character did something I never did, which made me cheer her on and made me keep reading.

But I didn't want to just do a regular book review/interview with L.A., I wanted to dig deeper and get into her creative process, because I know several of you out there have been wanting to write your own book, your novel, your own story and I think we all need to stick together as creative souls, so the first half of this interview is L.A. sharing her story on creativity, which is important, especially because she didn't have to dive in so deep with me. Not only does she reveals her writing process, but she also gives us all tips on how to do it yourself. And of course, we talk about her book and all the rich details....except the ending, we aren't STUPID!

After you listen to the interview with Author L. A. Johannesson on her new book e-loves me, e-loves me not, leave a comment on why you'd like a copy of her book and you might be the lucky winner to get a FREE e-copy. That's right, L.A. has agreed to give ONE lucky reader, who leaves a comment and tweets about it -- one free copy. So listen to the podcast, spread the word, and tweet. L.A. will randomly select the lucky winner one week from today which will be February 4th -- just in time for a nice Valentine's Day read!

About the book:

Still single at 39, Kayte Wexford has everything but Mr. Right. With keyboard at the ready, she turns to technology for help.

Kayte dives fingers first into a sea of online dating, instant messaging and email exchanges where she connects with some charming, hilarious, bizarre and downright frightening characters. Each encounter teaches her something and tests her optimism, intuition and commitment, while advancing her that next necessary step in her quest for love. With so many fish in this cyber-sea, Kayte must decide which ones to toss back, which to reel in and which, if any, should be proudly mounted.

Thankfully she doesn't have to make the journey alone. Her dog Dylan is not only a good listener but a great judge of character, her best friend Chloe is Kayte's consummate cheerleader, while her friend and cyber coach Roman provides dating tips and hints as he schools Kayte in the lessons required for online dating success.e-loves me, e-loves me not is a contemporary romantic comedy that examines the effects of technology on communication, dating and love. It focuses on the relationship of four (five if you count the dog) main characters, each with their unique views on love: there's Kayte the ever-hopeful romantic idealist who has done, and will do, almost anything to find it, Roman the consummate bachelor who has played the dating game for far too long, Thomas who's new to all this and wary about trusting love again so soon and Chloe who appears to be living the perfect version of it.

Join this eclectic ensemble on their journey and see if you can predict where Kayte will end up and with whom!


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And if you can't wait for the contest and WANT to purchase your copy right now, here you go!

And in a move that only L.A. Johannesson + Oprah could make--she is rewarding EVERYONE who left a comment + entered the contest (by Feb 4th) a free copy of her book to enjoy for this Valentine's Day. Content is now officially closed but those who entered by leaving a comment, stand by, you should be getting an e-mail from L.A. herself with details. (this is only good for those who entered + commented by Feb 4th -- the contest is not closed)

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