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Life Coach Dating Don'ts For Guys Online Dating Profile - Men Stop Doing This On Dating Apps!

Last weekend I got schooled on the dating don'ts for guys from the creator of the dating app Hinge at the MogulX conference in New York City. He brought out some interesting statistics that were horrifying because it proved one thing -- things haven't changed since I was single and roaming the app world for love back in 2010. So I teamed up with Caitlin Cooper, Dating Strategist and Expert Matchmaker from Three Day Rule to bring you our own dating tips that guys should avoid on their profile when using dating apps. Brace yourself!

Online dating profile don'ts for men when using dating apps.

1. Avoid the Bar Photos. If you plan on coming across as fun and charming - skip the bar pics of you partying while holding up the red cup and doing that weird thing surfers do with their fingers when trying to seduce women. These types of photos do more damage than good. Why? Because you are seen as the party frat boy who isn't done with his partying days. And here's the kicker, this might not be you -- it was a fun pic that you thought brought out the "fun" in you but it's backfiring guys, and women are not responding because of it. Instead, make YOU the focus and use photos to your advantage -- have a "reach out" photo, this is a pic that's so interesting that the other person is compelled to "reach out" and just start a conversation to get things moving!

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2. Stop leading with the cash! You are not a famous rapper and this is not a promo shot for your next single -- no, it's a pic on your dating app profile that's getting you overlooked because you come across as shallow and insecure. Leading with shots that showcase your wealth (you on a boat, you in a fancy car, you a helicopter going for bagels) will only get you a certain type of person -- someone who's only into bling, bling, and more bling. Unless you're everyday is about money deposits and purchasing gold chains for your crew, again, make the focus you -- so you can attract the right person. Stop leading with money and you'll start getting those responses you've been needing from the women you've been wanting.

3. Delete the pics with other women. Save those photos for Facebook or a physical photo album to show the grandkids one day of how grandpa was all about bringing the sexyback -- if that ever happens. When you have photos of other women in your dating profile it signals to the women looking at your profile that you're a player, but also leaves them asking, "Is that the level of hotness he's looking for?" And many women get turned off by that. You also leave them wondering if that's an ex or someone you're currently into -- all roads lead to NO! Your dating profile photos should not draw the focus away from you.

Guys, it's not that hard -- take these dating profile photo don'ts for men and turn your dating life around! If you have any questions or resistance to any of this -- it's backed by data--but feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to have a conversation with you and get your feedback, especially if you're dating in New York.

Watch our video for more insights on Dating Profile Don'ts for Guys!

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