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Life Coach Dating Don’ts For Online Dating Profiles – Ladies Stop Doing This On Dating Apps!

Life Coach Nando Rodriguez New York City

It’s 2018 and despite all the advances in the technology field and every other field out there—I just saw an ad for a machine that can put together hamburgers and give you the extra cheese you personal trainer is demanding you avoid—there still remains one area that’s a constant head scratcher for many — dating profile photos! But ladies, don’t fear, I have your best interest in mind and I’ve teamed up with Caitlin Cooper, Dating Strategist and Expert Matchmaker from Three Day Rule, to bring you the top 3 things you must stop posting in your online dating profile!

I know it sounds like I’m trying to mansplain how dating works—but I promise that’s not the case, I'm a Life Coach! If your online dating photos are currently brining you plenty of fish and you have harmony (all A thru E) then you can ignore all this. But if you are on any dating site — and one of the many women out there lacking winks, swipes, or messages — then wake up, sit up, and take notes because Caitlin and I have your back and will have your online dating profile in shape before you can say, “First date, sure!”

Here are the 3 types of photos women need to stop posting in their online dating profiles.

1. Online Dating Photos that cover your face or body.

Subconsciously, men will think you are hiding something and once distrust has been activated — you can’t really recover from there. If they do reach out they will be asking for more pics and they could come across as thirsty but in reality, they want to see what’ hiding behind those shades and being blocked by your friend’s birthday piñata that you’re standing behind. Own your looks and own your body. Be upfront with all your greatness and avoid any mishaps later on.

2. Stop using Snapchat lenses!

You’re barking up the wrong tree with the snapchat dog lenses...those bunny and dog filters are not working to your advantage — what you’re actually conveying is a flavor of immatureness and who wants that to be your first impression? Woof! And I know, you’re showcasing that you’re a playful and fun gal — but it only shows what you and his 5-year-old niece have common.

3. Smile.

I know, your body your choice — but in this case, not smiling in your online dating photos is creating an impact on your dating life. The research is in and it’s telling us that guys want to experience warmth with the women they end up with and the first insight into that is your smile. Guys in the wild are all macho and playing sports that crack their heads wide open but when it comes to dating — they want sensitivity and warm that can only come from you. So put away the RBF and say cheese!

Take these tips and give your online dating profile a quick review — are they in violation of any points posted above? If so — you have some work to do — you may even think about hiring a photographer in your area who specializes in online dating photography (they do exist, my husband is one) and will understand today’s dating trends. Until then, we wish you success in your dating goals and remember, leave the snapchat filters for 5-year-old nieces or at least off your dating profile.



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