Mavericks Shaving Cream and Face Kit Review

Mavericks Shaving Cream and Face Kit Review

The awesome folks at Mavericks reached out and asked if I wanted to review their face kit plus shaving cream and I jumped at the chance! I wasn't sure what to expect as I've reviewed lots of men's grooming products so I always remain open and objective when doing so. There are so many men's shaving cream products out there but not every one is created equal or gives you the best shave.The idea for Mavericks shaving cream and face kits came from a former engineer student from MIT and the final product was developed in Silicon Valley with the mission of making a skin care line for men that was simple and easy to use -- which in my opinion, they captured. All products are also in convenient travel size containers as all the tubes are TSA approved sizes so there won't be a problem getting them through airport security.

Face Wash

The products were delivered in sleek boxes and packages labeled WASH, PROTECT, REBUILD, and SHAVE. Maverick's wash has a light minty scent which I looked forward to every morning while testing it out. It woke me up and got me ready for my routine.

Shave Cream

The Shave cream itself has 3 elements (pre-shave oil, the shave cream itself, and moisturizer) which saved me time and money! The shaving cream is revolutionary in that you don't use a large amount to get the perfect shave. In fact, you use a smaller amount than what we're used to which at first feels wrong. You dab a dime size amount of the shave cream and activate it with water. Once you rub a thin layer on your face -- you're good to go. Really, guys, not having to deal with large foam or suds was new to me -- but once I placed the blade to my face -- the product actually provided a slick surface that gave me a close shave. And the large tube itself will probably last me 3 months if not more! (I shave daily)


Then, the PROTECT cream was SPF that's needed in today's world! It didn't have a scent, which was a huge plus for me as I don't like mixing scents on my face and I wear cologne which can create a stinky mess. Fun fact -- I also used PROTECT on my beard -- it felt so cool and sleek on my face that I didn't want my beard to get jealous. So who knew, a beard moisturizer too!


And the final product, REBUILD, was a night time cream that helps repair damages while you sleep. There's nothing like knowing you're taking care of your skin with minimal effort. Slab some on after you brush your teeth at night and just let it do it's magic while you catch some ZZZs.I had my husband also give it a try to make sure it was good for all skin types and he got the same result from the Mavericks face kit and shave cream. What a fantastic skin care system for men that's simple to use. To get your own kit -- visit their website here.

I was not paid for the review below.

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