Miami and in Love - The 2013 Vacation Chronicles

on south beach miami

German and I went on a little Miami getaway a few weeks ago and stayed at the Surfcomber Miami Beach which to me, served 3 purposes.

1. to help us relax and get away from the city which can sometimes drain your soul of all creativity

2.  to get way from the daily tasked and not worry  about the laundry, bills, or things like, "Who forgot to buy the toilet paper?" And "It's your turn to feed the birds, right?."

3. to help us reconnect as a couple because after three years together, you start to forget what brought you two together.And for me, a vacation means not having to do anything...except relax, sleep, relax and sleep and eat.

And that's exactly what we accomplished. Getting a little color on my pale skin would have been brilliant, but I knew I'd be asking too much of the sun and nature.

When you're in a committed relationship, you can easily forget the goal of the relationship. You get caught up in work, career, school and so many other elements pop up that you need a spot you can escape to and reconnect and Miami hit the spot. For us, our relationship goal is to continue having fun around one another and learning what makes us tick as we evolve and grow as individuals.Here are a few other highlights from our trip.

As a couple, how do you relax and reconnect? Leave your comment below.

german 1
nando 1
nando 3

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