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Miracle Stain and Oder Remover That Works!


We discovered this Miracle Pet Stain and Oder Remover when we began to potty train Leona. If you have never potty-trained a puppy, you are dealing with tinkle stains and smells throughout your home until they understand the idea of what needs to happen.One fast and hard rule -- never spank them or yell at them during this time period, potty-training a dog is such a new concept for you and them. Yelling or spanking them will only delay the process and they might associate it with something negative. Instead, praise them each time and you can even have a treat ready for them after they go. (Side note: we did this with Leona and now (2 years old) she still wants a treat each time she does her business and expects a party of applause and "Yaaaays!"


What no one told us was the smell we'd have to tolerate. Well guess what? You don't have to with Nature's Miracle Oxy Formula Spray because not only does it remove any stains, it also removes the enzymes that cause the smell which means your puppy won't smell the previous "accident" and return to the scene of the crime thinking it's okay to just tinkle anywhere they want. It's a Miracle Pet Stain and Oder Remover!


GOOD NEWS:  The miracle spray is not only for pet smells or stains, it's for all smells and stains! We have a white bedspread and I cut my finger not realizing I was leaving a bloody trail all over the house until I got in bed and freaked out at the blood blotches all over me like I was at a rehearsal for America Horror Story. Blood on white fabric, are you kidding me? I reached for the spray and it worked like a miracle. After that -- we use it for laundry too. I have a problem with staining the underarms of shirts and this spray not only removes the stains, it removes the smell as well--don't judge. We've used it on all types of stains all over the house.

BONUS: Your place won't smell like you live at the casting office of Cesar Milan, dog whisperer, and neither will your clothes. It works on fabrics (white ones) and hardwood floors. The spray also works on small rugs or carpet.

DISCLAIMER/HELP ME OUT: I do not get paid from Nature's Miracle Oxy Spray to endorse them, but I'd be happy to if anyone can hook me up with their marketing department! This spray is amazing and I can't talk it up enough.What do you use for your stains or pet orders? I know several people use home remedies, but this is an awesome product. Leave your comment below and let's discuss!

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