Monday Updates: When You Burn Your Hand in Brooklyn

Last week while cooking, I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand that instantly made me look like I belonged under a bridge asking people riddles before they could cross. It was pretty gross and the pain that came along with it was miserable-- lasting for 10 hours straight. That's the last time I fry spam in a cast iron skillet.German immediately transformed into Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and ran off to get me burn spray, alocane, arnica gel, Neosporin, medical tape, wrapping bandages and a large Dr. Pepper. (Don't judge)Here are the updates:

  1. Taking a shower with the wrapped hand this morning was horrid. I didn't want to get it wet because I didn't want to take off the bandages because I'm too lazy to re-wrap. What do I look like? An ER doctor?The shower. Fail.
  2. Leona usually goes to doggy daycare on Tuesdays & Thursday but today, she decided to throw the biggest guilt trip sitting by her travel bag and giving me huge puppy dog eyes every time I walled by. I tried to reason with her but somehow her eyes just got bigger. So I gave her crazy hair since the use of my right hand is basically nonfunctioning. She looked like a wild Ewok who just came in from battle.
  3. We dropped Optimum internet for Verizon so when Alexa wasn't working this morning--it took me over 10 minutes to figure out why. Optimum asked me why I was terminating my service and when I answered, "It wasn't cost effective and I got a better deal at Verizon," the guy responded with," Oh, we were just going to call you today and offer you $29 a month internet."
  4. The cab ride to work was short which is normally good but because daycare doesn't open until 8am, I have to time the cab ride perfectly or I get to daycare too early making me sneak Leona into work and she hates it more than Trump hates spellcheck. She sits in her bag crying until I take her over.
  5. Work lesson: Not every battle needs to be fought. (but it sure is hard to decipher which ones)
  6. Typing this up is tragic because the bandage around my finger is bulky, it hits extra keys causing for epic speeling fails or I END UP HITTING CAP LOCKS BY MISTAKE.

How was YOUR day?

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