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My Interview with Jackie Collins

Yesterday was a special day as I got to spend it along side 26-time New York best seller, Jackie Collins. She's in New York for her book press tour, Poor Little Bitch Girl and she was just brilliant.She's hitting all the TV circuts including Good Morning America, TheWendy Williams Show and several others.There are no other words to describe her besides brilliant. An exclusive set of bloggers/media were invited to sit down and chat with Jackie--Abiola Abrams and I were two of them.What surprised me about her was her genuine character, there were no pretenses nor airs about her. She sat down in front of me, smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Jackie Collins." The rest is a blur, so I'm glad I took video!The lighting was dim--but what do you expect when speaking to a legend?

Enjoy the video piece.

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