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My Youtube Return - My New Video Obsession

Starting a youtube channel is hard work. Starting your youtube channel after not touching it for several years is even harder because you've lost your subscriber's attention and amount of talent out there is ridiculously good!But not only did I start my own youtube channel back up again--I'm doing what I love, beauty product reviews for men, hair hacks, and anything related to fashion -- I started 2 additional channels as well.


The first one is Leona's own youtube channel. Famous dogs on youtube is a thing--of course Leona isn't a famous dog on youtube -yet, but we want to dedicate this channel to everything in the world of pets, dogs, specifically owning a Shih Tzu. Having Leona for 3 years already has taught us both (German and I) very valuable lessons in owning a pet and we want to share our experiences. The channel will consist of pet product reviews, tips on taking your dog traveling, things we normally do with Leona -- we want this channel to serve as a guide to 1st time pet owners and provide some entertainment while doing so. There will be fun videos of Leona with her friends in photoshoots, at the park, and of course, all the New York dog events and parties she's asked to attend.Check out Leona's channel here! (Please subscribe to her channel)

When we think of the journey German and I have had together, it's been an adventure from the start...and it hasn't stopped. Just in July of 2016 he became a permanent resident of the United States of America!We want to use the channel to help other illegal immigrants to their path to citizenship (we want to give illegal immigrants tips and advice and detail our journey) but we also want to have a fun youtube couple's channel.

We'll feature videos on some cooking hijinks, a shopping episode or two, and our new media business we've started. It's a lot to take in but the last 7 years have never been boring and here's to the next 7!

Check out our channel "nando and german" here. (Please subscribe)

And to the very much neglected channel that's in need of not only dusting off but major TLC, Nandoism. When I first started doing my youtube videos in August 2006, I never thought I'd get the opportunities I've gotten. Thinking back at those times gives me butterflies because I was so new and I was establishing my video persona.

Returning to youtube and doing videos on a weekly basis gives me a sense of familiarity because I've always loved filming, editing, producing video but because I was giving 200% of my creativity at work, it was hard to give there and then come home and create scripts, plan reviews, do outreach for interviews and then there's the promoting your videos part. I was too tired to turn on the camera.

But I'm more organized now, and I have a better sense of what I've doing and I have amazing equipment! The video quality alone makes it worth watching my new stuff.

The videos on this Youtube channel are dedicated to men's beauty product reviews, fashion, and hair hacks. It's my world -- welcome to it.You can access the channel here. (Please subscribe and watch a video)I hope you come along for the video rides. I will also try to write a blog for each video -- that's the goal at least and let's see where that takes us. But this journey of starting my youtube channel with great focus and purpose will only be successful of you support it. What does that mean? Watching a few of the videos and spreading the word around on your social channels -- sharing a video or two is the ultimate win.Thanks and see you next week!

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