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2009 has been such a crazy, sexy, cool ride for me and these are some of the people and blogs that have kept me going. I wanted to share them with you not only because they've become good friends, but because their content is high caliber and I know you'll fall for them just as I did!Happy Reading! Oh, and please leave the bloggers comments--it makes us feel blessed and grateful, like a Texas Prom Queen getting a negative result sign on her pregnancy test!

My awesome friend, Alisa writes the best relationship blog around, Project Happily Ever After. (If anyone can piece your stinky marriage together again; it's her!) Honesty, realness, and a genuine guiding hand is what you get from the blog as well as an insider's view on how to save rocky-relationships all while using humor, sarcasm and wit.She makes her point--even if it's not pretty and Miss thing also has perky boobs and ROCKS in a fabulous little cocktail dress--trust me!Click here for because life after "I do" isn't always so charming.

My good friend Krista is the fabulous blogger behind KB in NY and dear readers--she is RAW! Girlfriend blogs about her horrible yet sexy dating escapades with men and gives you all the juicy details, whether she molests them in bed, has a cheap one-night stand, or is just confused about their sexual orientation--all the juicy details are in there.She loves men, she loves dating and she loves doing it all in New York City!Click here for but we warned--she's hazardous to your funny bone!

I have the hook-up when it comes to the publishing industry. My good friend Jeff Rivera is the man behind which is the voice of the book publishing revolution.If you have questions on how to get published or even how to start writing, this is the place for you. With nothing but the highest quality of will guide you through the entire process--satisfaction guaranteed.Now, what are you waiting for? That book deal isn't going to land on your lap, but this site will show you the steps to doing it yourself!Click here for and take the first step to getting published.

I'll be honest, this blog is explicit, evil and just mean spirited--and I LOVE IT!FUCK YOU PENGUIN is a little blog with a whole lotta attitude and it's all about animals getting what's coming to 'em! When I'm having a bad day--this blog never fails to boost me up.Go give it a read and I dare you to tell me that it doesn't do the same for you.Click here for and make sure you're not drinking anything--cause it will come out of your nose!

I don't even remember how I came across this one--but all I know is that it's 100% "good times" when I read this blog by Scarlette Quille. The Corporate Whoracle is all about trash tv, helping her find a job and everything else that comes in between.What makes me come back is her wicked sense of humor and the fact that she's just so damn outrageous! You'll keep going back for more--I know you will!Click here for and you'll become an instant fan--I promise!

My good friend Maynas Eric is one of Singapore's top bloggers and twitter gurus. He's got a heart of gold and you'll always find inspiration in his posts and tweets.He's taken me under his wing and provides such a major inspiration in my line of work and makes me strive to achieve a better way of living whether it's through blogging or just making real connections with people because he believes in creating a network of people who get things done.Click here for in order to create a life that matters!

If it's news and information about Gay Life in New York City you're looking for, then this is the place to visit. The Future is a blog made of up a team of men bringing you the latest "happenings" in the city with a multi-media approach. Whether it be a video, a blog or even a panel discussion--the content is of high quality and empowering.Click here for for high quality news and information on Gay New York life.

My friend Chad puts his sharp wit to good use on his blog,Idol Chadder, as he blogs about events and situations in pop culture.Not only will you laugh out loud at his cynicism, he will actually make you think. What a combo!Check his blog out and you'll see what I'm talking about.Click here for and indulge in the cynicism.

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