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Nike Fuel Band Review

nike fuel band
nike fuel band

Nike Fuel Band Review

I purchased mine (my own money) for $162.22 (that included shipping + taxes)Are you looking to get physical? Do you have a weight loss goal you're trying to accomplish? Well, now with fancy technology, you have a friend in Nike. With the Nike Fuel band, you can now count your calories burned, steps taken, and keep track of your Nike Fuel Points--with one sexy little bracelet.  


  • I got the one called ice which is translucent. I figured it was the sexiest option for me. After 3 weeks doing the Insanity workout with it on, it turns a smoker's teeth yellow hue, due to the abundance of sweat I created. (Not too sexy)
  • The app that it syncs with on your iPhone requires your Bluetooth to be on--which eats your battery life up like Kirsty Ally at a Chinese Buffet. It's bothersome to turn it on, sync, then turn it off.
  • In order to sync, you have to touch the sync button on the Nike Fuel Band. Not a biggy right? Well, it's frustrating when you're a lazy Mexican like me.


  • It's highly addictive during the first 2 weeks that you're gleaming with Nike joy. Those bastards!
  • It calculates your steps, calories burned, it gives you the time and it also measures your Nike Fuel Points which is a totally made up number system by Nike but after a while you fight the urge to say, Nike Fuel Points is a fantasy number and doesn't really exist, like the binders full of women. Oh wait, that's real. My bad.
  • Roughly translated, 2.8 calories burned = 1 Nike Fuel Point so you set up your daily goal. I, like the over achiever that I am, set my daily goal to 6,000 Nike Fuel Points. Then, like the underachiever I really am, I lowered it to 4,000.
  • It really helps you monitor how lazy you are. I seem to meet my 4,000 Nike Fuel Point goal during the week, but on the weekends, I rarely hit 3,000.
  • Helps you calculate your weight loss goals since burning 10,000 calories equal loosing 1lb.
  • Random people see your "cool bracelet" and stop you to inquire about its powers.
  • I rarely participated in any fitness classes at the gym because I was obsessed with knowing how many calories I was burning during workouts. Now, I can analyze which classes burn more--and you'll be surprised. I burn more from a 30 minute Insanity workout (750-800 calories) than I do from a 55 minute cross fit class at the gym (288 calories).

SIDE NOTE: You might also learn what activities friends complete in order to meet their daily goal. Oh, still need 32 Nike Fuel Points, how about I masturbate my husband? (Warning, you will get unsolicited confessions like that)

Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Nando's.

3 out of 5 Nando's
3 out of 5 Nando's

I would have given it a higher rating but the syncing issue really bothers me.

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