Online Group Coaching Bootcamp: Goal Setting 101

Why Consider Group Coaching?

Along with working with me, (amirite?) it's a fantastic place to build your goal-setting muscles and there's an instant support group built-in ready to cheer you on.  

It’s the program’s goal to change how you go about challenging yourself and step into total accomplishment mode! On this 4 week journey, you'll discover how to create goals that inspire you to take new action. You'll be given a new transformative tool kit you've never been exposed to before that'll boost your efforts to new heights. You'll be able to create a goal, schedule it, work on it, monitor it, and achieve it in under 30 days, really! Why is this important? It now gives you the blueprint to then take this formula and apply it all the other goals you've been thinking about but haven't taken action towards.

Did I mention we get to work together too? Okay, just checking.

Who are the People Ready for Group Coaching?

A person ready to take accountability for their lives and help others stay on track too. You might say, "How do other people do it?" or "There's something broken in me when it comes to goal, I've tried!" If you think that you're the only human on the planet never at the finish line celebrating new careers, entrepreneurship, breakthrough in finances, sexy romances, etc" That all changes the day you sign up for group coaching. The tools you'll gain will give you access to a new way of being and that'll make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your dreams come true.

What is expected Group Coaching Participants?

I expect all participants to be ready to work their butts off in creating and achieving their one 30-day goal. It's a 4-session program (each session is 1 hour) and you're expected to operate with autonomy (but you'll have a squad to cheer you on). I ask that you keep in alignment with the mission of the program which is to be a person who will: inspire, empower, and motivate people in the group into taking life-transforming ACTION to fulfilled upon the possibilities they create!

Life Success Coach Nando Rodriguez Dating Don't for women

The When:

This Group starts Saturday September 21st + below are all session dates:

Session 1: Saturday September 21st  11:30 - 12:30 pm (est) on Zoom

Session 2: Saturday September 28th  11:30 - 12:30 pm (est) on Zoom  

Session 3: Saturday October  5th  11:30 - 12:30 pm (est) on Zoom

Session 4: Saturday October  12th  11:30 - 12:30 pm (est) on Zoom

How the Brand Ambassadors Coaching Exchange Program Works:

  • Declare & set a goal they want to accomplish by the end of their coaching program (must be achievable + realistic to be completed in 30 days)  
  • Present for all 4 video zoom calls
  • Takes action each week to complete their goal  
  • Report weekly progress back to group and ask for support when needed  
  • Support other group participants

Ready? Sign up here!

Are you excited as I am? Yeah, you should be! Here's a quick video of one of my past groups -- I recommend you watch it before you sign up.

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