How to Deal with Procrastination

How to Deal with Procrastination with Breakthrough Coach Nando Rodriguez

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Laundry? Do it tomorrow.

Dishes? They can wait another hour, right?

Taking care of your weekly meal prep? Ah, just order seamless for today, you deserve a break!

Procrastinations seems inevitable because of all the on-going tasks we take on in our daily life (and in the moment) can seem daunting. Tim Ferris likes to tell us to outsource, and it's a great approach if you have the income to do so, but for those who don't -- how do we go from feeling "blah to blazing" when it comes to getting our tasks done and keep from procrastinating one more minute?

Take a realistic approach to dealing with procrastination -- something that will take you from A to B with ease. This technique is based on getting you from "feeling bad and wrong for not getting things done" to getting you into action and feeling accomplished (before you even take action) and sets you up to take on your next task on your to-do list!

Don't let procrastinate get the best of you -- after watching the video --leave me a comment letting me know if these steps worked for you and how it left you feeling after you got into action!

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